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Lack of preparedness fueled flood tension at Agartala : CM's visit on 3rd day seems a 'staged' relief camp !
TIWN Aug 13, 2017
Lack of preparedness fueled flood tension at Agartala : CM's visit on 3rd day seems a 'staged' relief camp !
PHOTO : CM visits relief camps at Agartala. TIWN Pic Aug 13

AGARTALA, Aug 13 (TIWN): On the 3rd day of the flood, finally Tripura Chief Minister visited a relief camp at Agartala along with his secretaries. But giving a surprise, the relief camp at Dayal Ananda School on Sunday was given an excellent look with all kinds of facilities found available in compare to first two days. The ASHA workers for the first time was seen in action with much caring mood for the kids and women at there. On Sunday, when the rain has come to a pause the pictures in the relief camps were different since the knocking hours of CM's visit, whereas in other days of media coverage 80 years old men/ women were found lying on the floors without any basic facilities. Public also alleged during the main danger hours the Disaster Management had left with 7 boats for the whole city led some people to take shelter on the ceilings. Thus with the flood hours the state govt has shown its negligence with the no preparedness for emergency times. If it takes 3 days to overcome the lacks in the relief camps what will be the picture if someday the state is hit by earthquake like situation : a big question indeed !

The Chief Minister's visit was experienced with 'model relief camp' like scenarios all over the school, a distinctly different scenario than the first two days.

 On the third day of Agartala flood the death toll has increased at two on Sunday. 11 years girl Ria Dey had flown into water on last Friday when flood had hit Agartala but even after missing complaints, no troop had searched for her led her to meet the pathetic death. Moreover, question also raised when other parts of the state left unaffected by rain much, why the Agartala part was smashed under rain water after 12 hours of rain ?

Lack of preparedness has led similar disasters earlier also and in great form it is to reveal once a major earthquake shakes the state. 

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