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Northeast Bajrang Dal shows Saffron-power at Tripura Capital City
TIWN April 30, 2017
Northeast Bajrang Dal shows Saffron-power at Tripura Capital City
PHOTO : Bajrang Dal held rally at Agartala. TIWN Pic April 30

AGARTALA, April 30 (TIWN): Bajrang Dal led by Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) held a massive rally at Agartala on Sunday.

Participants from Assam and other Northeast states reportedly joined the rally.  Agartala City was flooded by saffron party members with more the 1000 of activists raising "Jai Sri Ram" slogan.

The Bajrang Dal is a Hindu organisation that forms the youth wing of the Vishva Hindu Parishad and a member of the RSS family of organisations. The ideology of the organisation is based to save Hindus from various tortures and to establish human rights of Hindus.

Bajrang Dal although have emerged in Tripura newly but day by the increasing power of it, is turning heavy upon the ruling CPI-M.

Recently various activities led by Bajrang Dal conducted succesfully  in Tripura. A 7 day long training programme has been ended successfully at Champamura under Khayerpur centre, a VHP source said.

During the training programme atleast 300 workers were given training about physical and moral education along with other training programmes as a part of yearly activity.


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