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Controversy over Biplab's EVM comment gets fuel as Yogi says ‘EVM stands for ‘Every-Vote-for-Modi’ ahead of his arrival in Tripura
TIWN April 30, 2017
Controversy over Biplab's EVM comment gets fuel as Yogi says ‘EVM stands for ‘Every-Vote-for-Modi’ ahead of his arrival in Tripura

AGARTALA, April 30 (TIWN): Biplab Deb’s loose comment about EVM machine in a party rally had turned heavy upon him which he could not explain clearly till day. Biplab Deb in a BJP rally at Teliamura said, “If Manik Sarkar casts vote in his name it will go in BJP’s name”. CPI-M not only complained about it to the centre but also resentment brewed among BJP workers in state against Biplab Deb for his controversial comment. However, when EVM has turned a huge controversy, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has commented similar on Saturday fueling the controversy about EVM further, when state BJP has announced Yogi’s arrival in Tripura for election propaganda for 2018. Yogi said, “EVM mean Every-Vote-for-Modi’. However, in Tripura CPI-M now started their campaigning in full swing to prove that EVM doesn’t mean Every-Vote-for-Modi but it means Every-Vote-for-Manik. With all these Yogi’s arrival in Tripura seems to be quite interesting & will energize the BJPs more for the upcoming election.

It worthy to mention here that Arvind Kejriwal was the first to stress about EVM with a Hindi national daily’s story on the episode. The story mentioned how when Singh was inspecting the voting demonstration, the EVM was found to be dispensing slips only of the BJP. The Congress also sought an appointment with the CEC and demanded that the by-elections in Madhya Pradesh be conducted using ballot papers, later Mayabati led challenge against EVM and now in Tripura EVM has become the chief concern of CPI-M ahead of Assembly Election. Now Akhilesh to other political parties have joined in EVM battle.

Just after few months Tripura’s common people will cast their votes to their favourite candidates through EVMs and Tripura ruling party is busy to talk about the transparency of EVMs, revealing their fear regarding the election result of 2018, following a statement of BJP President Biplab Deb at Teliamura, where he allegedly said, “If Manik Sarkar cast vote in his name, it will come in BJP’s name”. However, CPI-M took the issue Centre following BJP President Biplab Deb’s particular comment about EVM.

Recently, stressing the issue Biplab Deb said, “After Elections, when CPI-M wins, the opposition parties raise question about EVMs transparency and the opposition parties blame that there were some problems in the EVMs. My point of view was this time the vote will be transparent & CPI-M’s demand of ballot paper voting is just calling back the corruption era of election”.

However, whereas CPI-M demanded ballot paper voting system and Sitaram Yechury demanded that the voter should receive a slip just like ATM after s/he casts votes.

The BJP leaders further mentioned that CPI-M as a part of their defeat’s excuse are preparing such backstages and these EVM ghotala issues are nothing but setting the stage ‘after’ defeat.

However, it can not be ignored that Biplab Deb’s comment gave CPI-M a golden opportunity to begin the blame game associating it with  the national issues. On the other hand the battle ground is turning much tough for CPI-M with BJP’s increasing popularity after a continuous rule of Communist here in Northeast state Tripura for 2 decades.

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