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Tripura ration dealers protest
TIWN April 28, 2017
Tripura ration dealers protest
PHOTO : Ration dealers held protest at City Centre. TIWN Pic April 28

AGARTALA, April 28 (TIWN): Tripura ration shop dealers on Friday held protest against Central Govt’s decision to stop sugar subsidy for states.

Whereas for all states the rule will be same if implemented Tripura left front backed ration dealers said that if subsidy is withdrawn then people will face huge crisis of sugar in coming days.

But allegation also raised that without any notice Tripura ration shops are running sugarless already.

Their demands were :

  1. Like earlier 1 kilo free sugar should be given,
  2. 14 necessary items at same price should be given via ration shops,
  3. Kerosene oil’s storage should be increased,
  4. 35 kilo APL rice should be given,
  5. Dealers should be appointed as assistant workers.


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