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Congress's protest against CPI-M is 'Duplicate' & Trinamool is 'Impossible' in Tripura : said Trinamool leaders after joining BJP
TIWN April 24, 2017
Congress's protest against CPI-M is 'Duplicate' & Trinamool is 'Impossible' in Tripura : said Trinamool leaders after joining BJP
PHOTO : BJP held press meet at party office. TIWN Pic April 24

AGARTALA, April 24 (TIWN): Two veteran politicians who joined BJP on Monday, on the onset of Assembly Election-2018's battleground preparation in Tripura, It's only BJP which can unseat CPI-M from power and make a new Govt here. Giving a surprise to the Trianmool party members, Prakash Das and Manoj Das have joined BJP who were the Trinamool candidates in last bi-election for Barjala and Khowai respectively. Manoj Das's votebank reportedly was much higher than BJP at Khowai, whereas Prakash Das was 3rd after CPI-M and BJP in the bi-election poll result for Barjala constituency. Tripura State Observer for the BJP, Sunil Deodhar welcomed both the members in BJP and handed over BJP flag to the newly joined members. Giving clarification about his joining in BJP, the Barjala Candidate Prakash Das told media, "From the beginning of my political journey, I was in Congress. I had battled against CPI-M as much as I could, along with my Congress friends".

 "But after a time, I realized the  battle led by Congress was quite fabricated, just for show. Then  it was the time when CPI-M and Congress aligned for West Bengal votes led us to resign Congress form Trinamool as an alternative party as CPI-M's real opposition. But Trianamool also just frustrated the hope of public, made us to join BJP", he added.

Das further criticized Trinamool party members for their inactiveness and no preparation for 'Booth-Abhiyan' ahead of Assembly Election in 2018.

It's worthy to mention here that  the bi-election had conducted for 2 constituencies : Khowai-25 and Barjal-4. CPI-M Jhumu Sarkar (for Barjala) & Biswajit Datta (for Khowai) were selected as the candidates.

CPI-M's Jhumu Sarkar and Biawajit Dutta however became the MLAs. From Trinamool Prakash Das (for Barjala) & Manoj Das (for Khowai) and from Congress Rajendra Kumar Das (for Barjala)  & Pranab Biswash (for Khowai) were the candidates.  Sista Mohan Das  (for Barjala)  & Tapan Pal (for Khowai) are the BJP candidates. 

Now two of the TMC candidates have joined BJP on Monday along with Manashi Ghosh, (Ex Congress Cashier). 

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