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Monsoon paralyzes NH-44 in Tripura, immovable transport creates massive traffic jam
TIWN April 23, 2017
Monsoon paralyzes NH-44 in Tripura, immovable transport creates massive traffic jam
PHOTO : Agartala Udaipura National Highway turns miserable. TIWN Pic April 23

AGARTALA, April 23 (TIWN): The incessant rain has paralyzed Agartala-Udaipur National Highway in Tripura that connects the Capital City with whole Southern zone of the state. But as assumed, due to unplanned activities led by state PWD, which began the mud filling work under double lane road project on the onset of summer has turned the road risky, paralyzed leader 500 vehicles standing on that road. The traffic jams from Bisramganj, Charilam, Bishalgarh have turned the lives miserable for the public, especially for the office goers on the working day. On Sunday, reportedly more than 500 vehicles remained immovable there on the National Highway generated heavy anger on among the travelers. Till last year the Churaibari-Lowaypoa road suffered due to unmaintained roadway, but that portion is in better condition due to the Central Govt’s interference but this year the double lane work that didn’t began until the monsoon arrived have halted the vehicle movement heavily on Sunday. In coming days the situation may turn worse.

What surprises is that taking charge of Tripura roadway since 24 year, Tripura PWD is  maintaining the life lines of state, but the NH-44 never came in perfect shape, but allegation was always raised against Central Govt for this pathetic condition of Tripura roads. 

Instead of knowing that monsoon will badly hurt state Tripura, PWD once again has taken the work of double lane ahead of monsoon, which turned the Udaipur-Agartala road more pathetic. 

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