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TMC General Secretary resigns; Frustrated Sudip & Co trying to merge with BJP lobbying with Delhi leaders !! Will BJP acccept them going against RSS ? Split in BJP is a must if Sudip joins BJP paving the way for CPI-M again
Amitabha Sengupta
TMC General Secretary resigns; Frustrated Sudip & Co trying to merge with BJP lobbying with Delhi leaders !! Will BJP acccept them going against RSS ? Split in BJP is a must if Sudip joins BJP paving the way for CPI-M again
PHOTO : Pic 1 : Sudip Banerjee with TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee, Pic 2 : CPI-M CM Manik Sarkar and Sudip Barman, Pic-3 : Sudip Barman resigned from Congress. TIWN Pics

AGARTALA/GUWAHATI/DELHI, March 22 (TIWN): In the present political scenario in Tripura when BJP is gaining momentum day by day TMC is loosing its ground rapidly. It was not less than a year ago when Sudip Roy Barman along with five other MLA's joined TMC soon after the publication of result of West Bengal assembly poll. But ever since this merger TMCs strength in Tripura is weakening almost every day as the senior leaders like Ratan Chakraborty and Surajit Datta left the TMC alleging Sudip's lobby of griping the TMC . Yesterday TMC General Secretary cum the Congress candidate of last year's assembly poll from Matabari constituency resigned from his post. It is learnt that Biplab Ghosh is bound to join BJP soon along with his 2000 workers. It is also learnt that some of the big names are also in the frame to quit TMC. Thus, TMC is becoming irrelevant in Tripura.

   And undoubtedly BJP is the main opposition in the state ahead of the crucial 2018 assembly poll catching on Narendra Modi's nation wide popularity. Ever since BJP's landslide victory in Uttar Pradash BJP's progress in Tripura is beyond imagination.

  Realizing the current political situation Sudip Roy Barman too is learnt to have been lobbying with the BJP central leadership to merge with BJP thereby leading to another split in TMC after Congress. A highly placed source revealed TIWN that BJP's state unit is simply reluctant to accept Sudip Roy Barman along with his two trusted youth Sushanta Chowdhury and Viki Prasad in the party. Quite often state BJP President Biplab Deb too has hinted that team Sudip won't be welcomed in BJP. Now getting frustrated Sudip Roy Barman has again started lobbying with Assam PWD Minister cum Chief of North East Democratic Alliance(NEDA) Himanta Biswa Sharma regarding the merger. Sudip had a good relation with Himanta when he was in the Youth Congress. But the major obstacle for Sudip and Co is that not only state BJP unit and Tripura state BJP Observer Sunil Deodhar but RSS state unit is not all supporting Sudip's merger with BJP.

      From RSS close circle reports it is learnt that if team Sudip joins BJP , the party will have to face massive spilt soon. It is no surprise that leaders like Biplab Deb, Subal Bhowmik, Sunil Deodhar, and newcomers like Ratan Chakraborty and Surajit Datta are known for their anti-Sudip attitude. It is also learnt that MLA's like Ratan Lal Nath, Dilip Sarkar are certain to join BJP ( probably in September) but if Team Sudip joins BJP they will again join Congress .

      A highly placed source closed to TMC told this correspondent ," Just before Bihar assembly poll Sudip Roy Barman, Asish Saha, Pranajit Singha Roy, Biswabandhu Sen and others met with BJP President Amit Shah at his residence in Delhi. At that time Amit Shah asked them to to keep patience and after Bihar poll BJP will take decision on Tripura issue." But all on a sudden Sudip Barman & Co didn't show their patience ; rather they started communicating with TMC leaders in West Bengal. When Congress made alliance with CPI-M in West Bengal poll, team Sudip got an issue and made a split within Congress and ultimately merged with TMC. At this Amit Shah got very offended. As such during their recent visit to Delhi Sudip Barman and Co wanted to meet Amit Shah again but Amit Shah straightway refused to meet with TMC leaders.

      It is no surprise that Amit Shah will take any decision only after verifying with RSS Tripura unit. And RSS Tripura unit thinks ," If Sudip & Co join BJP , party will suffer badly especially in 2018. And more importantly their merger will lead to inner clash within the state BJP." RSS recently is learnt to have sent a report to BJP's national President based on its own survey  that BJP is likely to get clear majority in Tripura in the Assembly poll with 39 to 46 seats. A highly placed source in BJP said," Getting this report Amit Shah instructed BJP's state and Central leaders to go all out for Mission Tripura. " The source also revealed that near about 40 leaders like Narendra Modi, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jetley, Smriti Irani, Yogi Adityanath, Sarbananda Sonowal, Shibraj Singh Chowhan and others will be among BJP's star campaigners in 2018 election rallies. The source also said that a team of 1500 RSS hardcore workers are coming to Tripura keeping an eye to form BJP govt in Tripura. And RSS is also learnt to have informed BJP President that it will be better if BJP does not form alliance with INPT, IPFT or any other regional parties in the state. RSS and BJP are strongly against the INPT , IPFTs demnad of Twipraland.

      At this stage several questions certainly arise :-

1) Will BJP take interest in Sudip Barman and Co going against state BJP's unit and RSS ?

2) Will it not be a Hara-kiri for BJP to pave way for major split within the party when the party is aiming to win 2018 Assembly poll?

3) Will Sudip's attempt of lobbying with BJP central leaders be successful ?

4) Will BJP take the risk of losing its faith among the thousands of party workers and thousands of youths in the state who have always termed Team Sudip as ' agent of CPI-M'?

      It is to be mentioned here that Barman family had always sprung conspiracy in Tripura politics. When Samir Ranjan Barman became the Chief Minister Tripura became a hub of anti-socials and criminals with murders, molestations, bloodshed, setting fire to houses of Left supporters were a day to day affair. Honestly, Samir Ranjan Barman's tenure as CM is still regarded as a period of anarchism. As a result of it Left Front came to power in 1993 with thumping majority. Even after that there were incidents in which CPI-M gained in elections such :-

1) Skeleton blame of Samir Ranjan in CMs residence

2) Sudip Barman's brother Sandip Roy Barman being arrested with gun just before 2013 election from his brick field.

      A vast majority of Tripurites believe that simply because of Barman family's negative approach CPI-M is ruling here since 1993. They consider Sudip Roy Barman as the agent of Manik Sarkar. In this situation BJP will have to think twice before welcoming Team Sudip. During the two day state executives' meeting in Dharmanagar BJP's state unit is likely to submit a report to Organizing Secretary Ram Madhav on the overall situation. It is also learnt that even State observer Sunil Deodhar is against the so-called lobbyism of Team Sudip with Himanta Biswa Sharma.


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