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Marginalized CPI-M's national leaders to boost Tripura Election : Can Yechury, Karat save Manik’s sinking boat ?
TIWN April 22, 2017
Marginalized CPI-M's national leaders to boost Tripura Election : Can Yechury, Karat save Manik’s sinking boat ?
PHOTO : Tripura CM Manik Sarkar with Prakash Karat, Yechury. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, April 22 (TIWN): Communist party due to its age old theories, have marginalized from the main stream of politics long. However, a Melarmath source said that as for BJP Amit Saha to arrive in state in May along with 3 CMs within next few days, for CPI-M Yechury, Karats are definitely coming. However, with the election days coming closer, the battle ground are turning tough for CPI-M. Proving the voters still in favour of Mamata Banerjee at West Bengal even after Sarada, Narada scam hit the region, this bi-polls was in favour of Trinamool emerging BJP as the second leading party, wiping out CPI-M permanently. The 35 yrs frustration, have downed CPI-M to a greater margin that high competitions have already started among TMC and BJP, keeping CPI-M far behind than the battlefield. The defeat of CPI-M and Congress has been quoted as, “The Left is dead and buried, and the ghost of Congress has been exorcised”. However, with this unexpectable result of West Bengal for left front Govt, now CPI-M is ready to take the funeral from Tripura, if the opposition can play the ball well. CPI-M’s downfall at West Bengal is a kind of replica, what happens if a Govt is mass rejected after 2- 3 decades.

The communist  party in India has been abandoned for its too old theory and ideology, and leader who never attempts to rectify themselves with the changing time,are calling the same fate as West Bengal CPI-M received after Buddhadeb Era.

In this condition tension is high for CPI-M, not only in Tripura but across the nation the politburos are undergoing tremendous pressures with the declining result of mass rejection of CPI-M. A source said that Karay, Yechury all are arriving to support CPI-M in the poll of 2018. On the other hand for BJP Amit Shah will reside in state ahead of polling months. Only question is haunting CPI-M is if the part lose at Tripura, what will be CPI-M’s future ?

Only one year left for the Assembly poll and the suspense is expanding about poll result of 2018. In this condition Yechury, Karat’s hope is high from Manik Sarkar about the poll result.

Apart from West Bengal, across the nation three seats to Congress, five to BJP but Communist has no sign at all. But when talking about state Tripura, it seems impossible to wipe out CPI-M, eventhough the last bi-election turned critical for CPI-M. In this condition amidst 3 opposition parties and one after of Gvt Dept’s scams are coming out, the CPI-Ms are lighting state as the last flag of Red-salute.


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