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Unlicensed butchery of cattle at a rise in NE Tripura : brutally killed cow found inside sack at Agartala one day after Bengali New Year
TIWN April 16, 2017
Unlicensed butchery of cattle at a rise in NE Tripura : brutally killed cow found inside sack at Agartala one day after Bengali New Year
PHOTO : Cattle body recovered at Ramnagar. TIWN Pic April 16

AGARTALA, April 16 (TIWN): Amidst Agriculture is the main source of income for Tripura people, the illegal butcheries of cows are in rise here. Just one day after the new year a body of a cow brutally pieced, inside a sack was found at Ramnagar area, which created much resentment among the people there. Allegation came that some miscreants to enjoy the Pohela Boishakh evening have done this inhuman activity. However, police did not lodge any case entry to it and it was assumed that someone have left the cows after it died naturally, eventhough bloods over the sack were fully visible. Similar incident if happened in UP like places, it would had been taken more seriously, but in Tripura such things are ignored due to some hidden fear and with excuse of 'all eat non-veg'.However, the illegal butchery of cows not only a problem inside the country, but India's cattle are smuggled via Indo-Bangla borders fluently. On Monday late night Karimganj Police had nabbed 3 vehicles carrying total 90 cows inside them. After the recovery of thosecattle at Assam, it was identified that the vehicles were traveling to enter Tripura.

 This incident has created much resentment at Assam as well as the Northern Tripura as many times complain comes from locals regarding increasing threat of cow theft.

Tripura's Border pillars remain the only identification of the international boundary, whereas till day 35 % borders in state have remained unfenced. Apart from that it was earlier shown in Tripura media how cattle smuggling happen over the fencing lines. They hook the cow over their throats and exchange them with a long bamboo, but the ruling govt till day have not expressed any concern about it.

On the other hand some saffronized parties as VHP, Bajrang Dal many times held protest against increasing cow smuggling via borders, but even after understanding the dangers and threats, the smuggling continues rampantly, without any unknown reason.  On Dec 8 Bajrang-Dal under Vishwa Hindu Parishad placed deputation to the West DM Millind Ramteke to take action against illegal smuggling of cows to Bangladesh and prohibition of Cow Slaughter, as well as other cruelty on cows. On March 10 late Viswa Hindu Parishad (VHP) member via a press meet said that if cattle smuggling is not controlled, there will be mass protest in coming days led by VHP.

It's worthy to mention here that Sonamura Border area become the corridor of smuggling cows and buffaloes to Bangladesh for last few months. Cattle smuggling rising day by day through Indo Bangla Border by smugglers under Sonamura  Sub Division. Then using different routes, they reach the border area and smuggle them at night. But the official claims are different from Tripura Police.



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