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'Equal pay structure is not a bogus election manifesto, but confirmed from Centre’: BJP attempts to draw 1.5 lakh Govt Employees' attention with 7th Pay Commission promise
TIWN April 16, 2017
'Equal pay structure is not a bogus election manifesto, but confirmed from Centre’: BJP attempts to draw 1.5 lakh Govt Employees' attention with 7th Pay Commission promise

AGARTALA, April 16 (TIWN): 'BJP will implement 7th pay commission if the party comes in power in 2018', once again Biplab Deb recalls about his upcoming election manifesto for 2018. Talking on the background of sugar crisis, BJP state president Biplab Deb said, "Before promising about the free flow of sugar in Tripura as a part of Election Manifesto, did CPI-M asked Centre ? Like CPI-M, we do not do empty promises, because I got 100 % signal from Centre, thus I made this promise. Not only 7th pay commission, but all fixed employees to be regularized". Thus it can be said that the ultimate promise which other opposition parties yet to make has been done by BJP State President Biplab Deb. As a part of the Election Promise State BJP President Biplab Deb in an official statement announced that if in 2018 BJP comes in power within 3 months from the Election result state govt employees to receive the benefited by 7th Pay Commission’s implementation. Also the party has finalized a draft report for the outome of the promise.

Tripura BJP state President Biplab Deb talking to TIWN on the background of the incident said that “Instead of giving full pay scale to the Govt Employees, Tripura Govt has been distributing that fund to other job holders. So many unnecessary jobs were provided by Tripura Govt just to gather the public supports and also for CPI-M families, but the money actually belong to the regular employees”.

When the discussion was going on across the nation about 7th Pay Commission’s implementation, giving an utter surprise on December 28th  Tripura Finance Dept announced 5 % DA to the employees from Jan 1st.

The gap of DA was 42 % and now it stands at 38 %, which will cross the limits after the 7th Pay Commission implemented in Tripura. The opposition parties of Tripura are planning for more protests demanding Central level pay scale but showing a thumb to the oppositions the ruling CPI-M has ended like last time with 5 % DA hike.

It was expected that Tripura Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha will hold a talk about the Pay Commission’s implementation in Tripura during the last Assembly Session. But, the whole winter Assembly session was ended dry without holding any discussion on pay-Commission’s implementation.

 However, for the first time Tripura govt. in 2008 implemented Pay Review commission, whereas the employees were expecting the Pay-Commission’s implementation. But in the name of Pay review till day govt. employees have been deprived in Tripura. It took 9 years for grade pay’s introduction in Tripura. Out of 20 PSO for pensioners, Tripura has only 6 out of them which are given to a selective section of employees.

Even after High court orders to clear 31% DA to the state government employees, Tripura government once again in the cabinet meeting deprived its employees by giving only mere 9 % DA across the whole year.

  It is to be mentioned here that Tripura High Court has ordered the state govt. to pay 31 % DA unless the govt. here doesn’t take any proper DA system and Pay Commissions implement. High Court Judge Subhashish Talapatra in a divisional bench announced it. Court has ordered to give the 31 % DA since 1/1/2009 to 27/8/2011, in 3 installments. So the first instalment will be started from 1/7/2016. By increasing 4 per cent DA for the pensioners and state government employees the difference between the state and central employees still remained at 42%. Now after the 5 % DA its 37 % and once the 7th Pay Commission implemented at Centre then the gap will raise upto 60% most probably.

Now the Govt has set again pay review committee, which is likely to deprive all Govt employees once again.


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