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Price hike hits customers hard on Pohela Baishakh : Budget minimized for state govt employees, middle class families
TIWN April 15, 2017
Price hike hits customers hard on Pohela Baishakh : Budget minimized for state govt employees, middle class families

AGARTALA, April 15 (TIWN): Skyrocketing price of Hilsa and other fished have merged the budget of households on Pohela Baishakh in Tripura. Chicken, mutton all items prices have been hiked along with vegetable prices. With no better days especially for state govt employees, the market is burning is high price with Rs. 1500/- of Hilsa Fish per Kilo, Cucumber – Rs. 100, pointed gourd- 120, Chicken – 280, mutton -650, Kakrol- 170, Curd-150/-. The source of income being usually less for Tripura people, the markets which are bases 80 % on exported business has hit the consumers with high prices, resulting the festive season became an occasion for tight pockets. Overall for middle class families, the price hike has hit the Pohela Baishakh celebration hard for middle class families. Moreover, a sugar crisis situation was reported across Tripura ration shops. Although along with the whole nation Tripura is also celebrating Naba Barsha, but there is no better days for people here, as like 2016 this year also the income and the market price has not at all similarity, rather this year the commodity prices have increase more.

The poor pay scale, only 5 % hike in DA, 50 % gap with Central Govt salary hit Festive season for Tripura’s state-govt employees. Moreover, 7 lakhs unemployed increasing drug addiction alarms among Educated youths, has increased the tension of the parents one more step during festive seasons.

There is no relief also for the state govt employees from their everyday crisis due to the poor pay scale, less DA with much gaps with the Central Pay scales.

All Northeastern States pay DA to the State Govt employees and the DA percentage between the state and the central govts are almost similar but the difference is less except communist run Tripura, even after so HC’s order.

In this condition, instead of pay commission, the high price has hit the state with high commodity prices.

Reportedly, the down of agriculture as well as fishery are increasing the prices of food items here in Tripura.



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