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Left front Govt fails to down Crime rate against women : Bithika, Bina, Anura left in pains : Tripura waiting for their justices
TIWN April 15, 2017
Left front Govt fails to down Crime rate against women : Bithika, Bina, Anura left in pains : Tripura waiting for their justices
PHOTO : Bina, Bithika (on Field), Anuara : 3 victims of Tripura in last 2 months: TIWN Pics

AGARTALA, April 15 (TIWN): Bina Dey and Anuara Chowdhury : these two 16 years girls left their parents amidst full bloodsheds on their bodies, unexpressed pains but they gave messages with their departure describing the situation of girls and safety of them. Even though state is observing New Year amidst full enthusiasm but the condition of their family members remained unchanged, undergoing full of sufferings. However, for Anuara only her father and neighbors who are missing Anuara but for Bina, she was the only daughter of those poor parents. Same happened with Bithika who was killed so brutally that her dead body was out of reach for her parents for the whole night. However, let porters keep on protest and as fast as possible the girls may get justice.

Bithika : The Madhyamik candidate Bithika Debbarma(22) died at Kalyanpur under Khowai District. Police arrested two Tribal youths Monoj Debbarma , Amit Debbarma after in connection with Bithika Debbarma murder case.  According to her family member, she received a phone call and after phone call she ran out from her house at night but she did not return home. Family members tried to search her but they failed to get her any trace at night. In the morning local people found her dead body at Gandharbill field at Kalyanpur.

Bina : Bina was everything to her poor parents, but the single daughter's proud parents could never imagine that she will be killed so brutally. However, police has sent him for 5 days Police remand and his next hearing on March April 1st. It was reported that on Tuesday afternoon Tripura Commission for Women members met the victim families and also asked them various interrogative questions. It's worthy to mention that a 16 years girl was brutally killed by Rajat Tati (21) at Dharmanagar Padmapur allegedly after rape. Her body was found with severe injuries on a roadside and full of blood leaving no cloth over her. Rajat Tati, S/O- Gopal Pandey Tati has accepted that he killed the girl on Saturday night. But his mother who is also a member of Women Commission, trying her best to save her son.

Anuara : On Thursday the body of a 16 years Muslim girl who was allegedly killed by her uncle's family, has been dug out from her grave. This 16 years girl named Anuara Choudhury had died on April-11, who was residing at her uncle's house after her mother had died and father got remarried. She was a very talented girl, studying at Polytechnic College, was an excellent painter. Eventhough her uncle was rich enough, but she were living in a barren room at a corner of the house. On 11 April, suddenly she was admitted at Hospital and died suspiciously. She wanted to talk to her father at hospital, but before he arrived she died. But her uncle without any procession gave her 'Kabar', (grave). But local people alleged that she was killed by her family and immediately political parties raised protest roars. Later her body was recovered from grave and post mortem report was revealed that she was killed, not died normally. However, the investigation is going on into her murder case.

Let the new year stop all such inhuman activities against women and people should come in joint voice to fight against such crimes. 

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