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Politicians playing dirty politics with Anuara murder case : Left front union termed investigation as 'Politics with Dead-body'?
TIWN April 14, 2017
Politicians playing dirty politics with Anuara murder case : Left front union termed investigation as 'Politics with Dead-body'?
PHOTO : SFI held protest at Paradise Chowmuhani. TIWN Pic April 14

AGARTALA, April 14 (TIWN): With a major shameless activity led by SFI in Tripura, the leaders have come on road to express their frustration about Anuara's deadbody's digging. Eventhough, directly SFI didn't mention much, but the banner hanged at Paradise Chowmuhani directs to woo Muslim sentiments at any cost of; may be with partiality in her murder's investigation. On Thursday the body of a 16 years Muslim girl who was allegedly killed by her uncle's family, has been dug out from her grave. This 16 years girl named Anuara Choudhury had died on April-11, who was residing at her uncle's house after her mother had died and father got remarried. She was a very talented girl, studying at Polytechnic College, was an excellent painter. Eventhough her uncle was rich enough, but she were living in a barren room at a corner of the house. On 11 April, suddenly she was admitted at Hospital and died suspiciously. She wanted to talk to her father at hospital, but before he arrived she died. But her uncle without any procession gave her 'Kabar', (grave). But local people alleged that she was killed by her family and immediately political parties raised protest roars. Also GB hospital released certificate declaring her death was out of heart attack.

After the primary post mortem report of Anuara came in hand, it’s now clear her death was not normal, but she was beaten tightly on her belly, a daily newspaper source said. As per the local people, Anuara was beaten heavily by her uncle Nur Ahmed’s wife on 11th April. Before her death for long 7 days she was not given any food.Opposition parties held protest, Polytechnic students sat in mass protest on Agartala road.

But when the whole state is demanding proper inquiry SFI is trying to propagate that digging her body was 'not correct', just to get Muslim Vote Banks. SFI may deny that their meaning of protest was not like that but the double game of left front unions should not hamper the investigation. SFI men, women leaders have no headache for Dharmanagar's Bina murder case, same with Anuara murder case. One lady SFI leader also claims that Anuara was an SFI member, so nobody can be much more sad with her death. 

Strange politics and our strange leaders : They are attacking Central Govt for interfering in illegal butcheries of cows, but they have no problem with increasing Indo-Bangla smuggling of cattle. The leaders are also afraid to talk directly about "Triple Talak", one of the dangerous stature of democracy,  but again those leaders will try to create clash among Hindu-Muslims with wrong sentiments when police is going as per investigation procedure. 

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