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Sudden shutdown in OTPC : Power generation won't begin before Thursday evening
Sudden shutdown in OTPC : Power generation won't begin before Thursday evening
PHOTO : OTPC Palatana Plant. TIWN Photo

UDAIPUR, June 25(TIWN): In a quite unprecedented development, complete shutdown began in the Unit-I of the OTPC's 726.6MW Combined Circle Gas Turbine(CCGT) thermal power project in Palatana. The shutdown is the outcome of a technical problem that arose in the Control Power Supply unit of the Gas Turbine. The problem arose at 3.30pm and all on a the power generation stopped as the Power Supply Control acts as the main communication system between the auxiliary system of the Gas Turbine and the Main Control Unit.

On Wednesday afternoon top level OTPC engineer told TIWN over phone, " Some technical problems arose in the Power Supply Unit from Tuesday afternoon( particularly in some pumps in the Gas Turbine). And naturally power generation from the Unit-I came to a halt. As the Power Control Power Supply is a major unit of the Unit-I power generation cannot be possible unless the problems are resolved." However, it is learnt that engineers of BHEL have repaired the technical problems.

     Still power generation will not begin before Thursday evening. There are still some problems to be resolved. According to an OTPC engineer, " During the time of continuous power generation if the plant goes for a shutdown, the Steam Turbine cannot be in operation unless it cools down. Generally the Steam Turbine takes 48 hours or more to cool down. And only it is expected that the Steam Turbine will be operational by Thursday afternoon." It means that by Thursday evening OTPC will begin power generation.

    Meanwhile, due to the shutdown in OTPC entire state is suffering from power shortage. From Tuesday evening Udaipur and the entire Gomati District have been facing power cuts. On Tuesday more than 2 hours duration power cut occurred in Udaipur and the same situation prevails on Wednesday also. On Wednesday already two times power cuts occurred by the evening. It is expected that it may worsen as time goes on.  

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