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Wrong Malaria Drug being supplied by Health Dept in Tripura
Wrong Malaria Drug being supplied by Health Dept in Tripura

AGARTALA, JUne 25 (TIWN): In a shocking discovery, it was found that State Health Dept distributed a wrong drug to Statewide Hospitals for Malaria infected patients.

This is a recent image attached  (taken by a Medical Officer serving in THS from the Govt supplies) of a strictly 'not to be used drug' for Falciparum Malaria in North East India as per the latest National Drug Policy 2013 for Malaria by the MoH&FW, Govt of India. It's being supplied to the rural hospitals of our state by the Health Deptt. till date!

Artesunate + Sulphadoxine + Pyramethamine combo (ACT-SP) is not to be used for Malaria in Tripura but still it has found a place (Item no.49: 500 combipacks) in the latest medicine procurement tender notification from DHS dated 5th April, 2014.   Artesunate + Lumefantrine Combo has been ordered (Item no. 38 & 39: 1000 combipacks) in that drugs tender notification. 'National Drug Policy 2013 for Malaria' by Govt of India, clearly recommends ARTEMETHER + LUMEFANTRINE Combo as 1st line Drug for Falciparum Malaria in all the states of North Eastern Region.

However, probably by printing mistake that combo has become Artesunate + Lumafantrine in the said tender notification!! Inj.Quinine and Inj.Artesunate (recommended for severe & complicated Malaria) items have been ordered in the aforesaid tender but in far less amounts compared to the Chloroquine! Falciparum Malaria is the most prevalent form (>90%) of Malaria in our state. Surprisingly, Chloroquine, the drug for Vivax Malaria (less prevalent variety of Malaria in our state) has been ordered in huge quantity (Item no.13: 10 lakh tabs). Some GENIUSES must have prepared this tender notification!! It must be rectified and corrected ASAP.   Other wise, May God save us all.




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