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Udaipur: 400 families running out of electricity; villagers planning for boycotting Panchayat Election
Udaipur: 400 families running out of electricity; villagers planning for boycotting Panchayat Election
PHOTO : Burnt Electrical Transformer at East Gokulpur. TIWN Pic June 22

UDAIPUR, June 22(TIWN): Totally dejected with the administration, Local Panchayat and elected MLA cum heavy weight minister in the state cabinet more than 400 families in East Gokulpur Panchayat are planning to boycott the three-tier Panchayat election.

From 17th June these families are running out of electricity. Inspite of repeated complaints neither the local Panchayat nor the Dhwajanagar Electric Sub Division has taken any steps to restore the power supply. The situation prevails in Ward no-4 and 5 of East Gokulpur Panchayat under Udaipur Sub Division. The area falls under the Assembly Constituency of MLA cum Forest Minister Naresh Jamatia.

     It is learnt that from 17th June the only electrical transformer of the area has gone out of order. More than 400 families a water pump machine for irrigation and a rice mill depend on this transformer. Several times appeal was made to the Dhwajanagar Electric Sub Division to install another transformer as the rice mill and the water pump machine demand it badly. But even after more than a year of such demand the transformer has not been installed. But the people,irrespective of political loyalties, are really angry as the electricity has not been restored even after five days. To make the matter worse the only road (brick soiled) is now in such a condition that it is almost unfit for running even a bi-cycle. The people urged the local Panchayat to construct a metaled road(pucca) connecting the Killa-Udaipur main road so that vehicles can pass along the road.

     In this connection TIWN had a telephonic chat with Nidhan Biswas, Senior Manager of Dhwajanagar Electric Sub Division and he said," We have learnt about the problem. But the condition of the road of that area is so bad that we can't take machinery through vehicle. Moreover, heavy rainfall also worsens the situation." The local people complained that they have not seen their MLA Naresh Jamatia even for a single occasion after the Assembly Poll 2013. They said that traditionally they are Left party supporters. But now the situation compels them to speak against the Left. Unfortunately the opposition parties are very weak as well as fragmented. That's why they have decided to boycott from casting their votes in the upcoming three-tier Panchayat Election to be held on 24th July.    

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