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Bru displacement victims’ repatriation starts, sixteen out of scheduled 98 returns on first day
Bru displacement victims’ repatriation starts, sixteen out of scheduled 98 returns on first day
PHOTO : Bru refugees protesting in front of Govt authorities. TIWN Pic June 17 by Panna Ghosh

KANCHANPUR(North Tripura), June 17 (TIWN): The sixth phase of repatriation of Bru displacement victims living in six relief camps of North Tripura district for the past sixteen years started this morning. Repatriation started amidst heavy fear psychosis among most displacement victims who agreed to be repatriated as they chose to walk on foot or take private vehicles back home rather than boarding vehicles provided by the Kanchanpur sub-divisional administration.

Ninety-eight families were supposed to be repatriated today according to the list provided to Tripura by the Government of Mizoram. Barely sixteen families went back home on the first day of the sixth phase of repatriation. Sub-Divisional Magistrate Das stated that all arrangements would be continued in place till June 21 in Kanchanpur sub-division and till June 22 in Panisagar sub-division.
President of the Mizoram Bru Displacement Peoples Forum (MBDPF) Apeto Sawibunga expressed discontent at the mode adopted for repatriating these families and said that the Mizoram government discussed with certain people and NGOs in Mizoram and officials of the North Tripura district administration over the repatriation. MBDPF, the prime reorganization forum of the Bru displacement victims in Tripura, was totally kept in the dark, he said.
A total of 324 families living in six relief camps of Kanchanpur sub-division in North Tripura district, would be repatriated to Mizoram, Sub-Divisional Magistrate (Kanchanpur) Nantu Ranjan Das said today. He added that proper arrangements of transportation for the repatriated families were arranged. Their makeshift dwelling units would be dismantled in compliance with a standing order from the administration, he added.
Sources in the sub-divisional administration today said that a section of displacement victims living in the camps organized a protest against the proposed repatriation denying their demands of higher ration, compensation and security. Interested relief camp inmates started early in the morning to avoid any havoc, the source stated.
All displacement victims repatriated as a part of the current initiative would be received at Zomuantlang and Kanhmun areas in Mamit district of Mizoram on the day. According to latest information, each displacement victim family would be given a one-time compensation of Rs. 80 thousand for housing, Rs. 5,500 for conveyance and Rs. 2,000 for constructing makeshift huts after their arrival in Mizoram. The repatriated displacement victims would be provided free ration for a year from repatriation, official source said.

After several rounds of talks among the leaders of the displaced people, Mizoram government and Home Ministry of government of India the much-awaited repatriation of the internally displaced tribal Bru people of Mizoram who had settled in six camps in North Tripura was supposed to start from today but the majority of inmates refused to return back without cash rehabilitation money of Rs 1.5 lakh per family, written agreement from Mizoram government ensuring their social and political safety and security. The process is very important as in bringing peace and socio-economic development in this region since around 36,000 people are living in the camps for last so many years in subhuman condition. Also major problem in the camps are poverty, illiteracy, early marriage, diseases.

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