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Gas appears problem for fertilizer factory : ONGC Asset Manager
Gas appears problem for fertilizer factory : ONGC Asset Manager
PHOTO : Tripura Asset Manager ONGC- VP Mahawar addressing a press conference at ONGC office complex. TIWN Pic June 15

Agartala, June 15 (TIWN): Natural gas appears as a major bottleneck for the proposed fertilizer company in Tripura’s Panisagar subdivision with the oil giant ONGC trying hard to establishing the main raw material.

The seismic survey indicates gas reserve at Khoubal and its adjacent areas in Unakoti district but true potential of reserve is yet to be ascertained, which appears a problem for the project, said ONGC’s Tripura Asset Manager VP Mahawar.

Talking to media, he said the ONGC has undertaken massive exploration drive at Khoubal and it’s adjacent areas in search of gas after positive indication by the seismic survey.

“As of now, the ONGC has drilled 11 wells and struck gas reserve in three wells at khoubal. Today’s positive sign could run the proposed fertilizer manufacturing company only for two/three years. The Rs. 5000 crore investment will be viable only if we could ensure gas supply for 15/20 years”, he said.

Mahawar said, “Once the gas resource is established, it will take only three year to set up the fertilizer plant at Panisagar in Unakoti district. We are extensively carrying out drilling to strike more gas reserve in that area”.

He said there would be no problem to arrange a suitable place for the Urea manufacturing company at Panisagar with the state government showing good enthusiasm. Besides, the proposed plant requires sufficient water which could be managed by creating check dam, he said adding the Union government needs to have talks with Bangladesh government.

On the Manarchak project, Mahawar reiterated the NEEPCO authority is not ready to run the 101 MW power plant. “It is true the ONGC is not ready to supply gas to run the NEEPCO floated Manarchak power plant due to some problem in laying pipeline. However, the Engineers India Ltd (EIL) has been tasked to finish the unfinished pipeline work”, he said.

According to Mahawar, the ONGC will be able supply gas supply to both Marnchak and Palatana’s unit-II within next three months.

He further added, following request from the ONGC, the state government has sent a proposal before the Centre seeking permission to collect gas from 4/5 wells situated at Trishna Wildlife Sanctuary to meet the increasing demand of natural gas.

“We are expecting to get the clearance from both the Prime Ministerial level committee and the Supreme court by next two or three years”, he added. Senior ONGC officials remained present there.


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