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Congress to observe Foundation Day
TIWN Nov 30, 2016
Congress to observe Foundation Day
PHOTO : Kamalpur Congress Bhavan. TIWN File Photo.

KAMALPUR, Nov 30 (TIWN): The fate of Congress seems diminishing yet in the state and in the national political arena. The party has grabbed some ray of hope in the recent panchayat election at Gujrat and has saved the face by winning seat in the bye election at Sindukpathar VC seats at Sabroom. Still the party really finds no ray of hope to usher new opportunities.

And the factionalism that still remains in the party and the lack of mass support in the capital city haunts Congress. And possibly for this fear of flop show, Birajit Sinha has decided to observe its Foundation Day on 28th December at Kamalpur instead of Agartala.  In fact, former MLA Manoj kanti Deb remains the only leader in the state who still makes the party with some activity and life with workers and supporters. Hence, Birajit gets no other alternative but to choose Kamalpur.

The Foundation Day of Congress would be observed with great festivity at Kamalpur this year. The day on which A.O. Hume set up the party in 1885, would be celebrated with due respect. The state level program would be set at Kamalpur this year. Informed former MLA cum District Congress President Manoj kanti Deb. Obviously, lakhs of rupees would be spent. Colourful rallies and discussions would be held. New dreams would be woven.

But, the question remains, if it would rejuvenate the party. Since 1990s, Congress has started to axe upon own feet by making coalition with regional political parties. Moreover, the practise of horse trading by then PM P.V. Narasimha Rao also has weakened the root of the party. The central leadership never has put emphasis on the organization. Rather they remain busy in enjoying the power at the Centre and at the states by making coalitions. All these have hampered the party to its root. Now, the sudden activity to make the party to reach the grass root level, would bring no great change as the leaders never been serious about conferring political knowledge to its grass root workers. Still, the workers who have lost everything in the course of being with the party find some mental relief at the observation.

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