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Cashless Economy kicks off in Tripura CNG Stations
TIWN Nov 30, 2016
Cashless Economy kicks off in Tripura CNG Stations
PHOTO : CNG Station, Agartala. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Nov 30 (TIWN): Now public can use Debit Cards in petrol pumps, as CNG stations took the initial step in this cashless economy move.

At Agartala Krishnnagar CNG Station, with the traditional Indian inaugural culture breaking a coconut the Debit card payment was launched for the first time in Tripura.

Now this process will be launched in various other CNG Stations of Tripura.

It’s worthy to mention here that the primary pitch and narrative of the demonetization drive by Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to have taken a major shift to cashless economy from the initial key highlights of war against black money, corruption and counterfeit currency.

PM said, “Our dream is that there should be a cashless society. This is correct that 100 percent cashless society is never possible. But we can make a start with less-cash society, then cashless society will not be a far-off destination”. 

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