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IPFT kicks off 48 hrs protest
TIWN Nov 29, 2016
IPFT kicks off 48 hrs protest
PHOTO : IPFT begins protest for Twipra land. TIWN pic

AGARTALA, Nov 29 (TIWN): As a part of fight for Twipra land IPFT begins its 48 hrs demonstration at Khumlwng, TIWN reported.

On Monday morning 11 AM the protest had begun and throughout the protest they will raise voice for a separate state named Twipra land.

IPFT many times also urged the centre to look after their demands, but for the sake of peace, the Central Govt didn’t reply to their letter also.

Even the state govt here fully against IPFT’s demand and the CM here claimed that “Twipra Land will be blocked within the Imagination only”.

Later IPFT held protest at Jantar Mantar at Delhi, but all were in vain.

However, with 48 hrs long protest IPFT members want to raise their demand to the high level, as they said, if their demands are not fulfilled they will go for further protests in coming days. 

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