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Tripura's all opposition parties undermine CPI-M’s 12 hrs strike : strike supporters, non-supporters arrested en-masse; CPI-M, BJP clashes reported, total chaos prevail over Manik’s ‘golden Tripura’
TIWN Nov 28, 2016
Tripura's all opposition parties undermine CPI-M’s 12 hrs strike : strike supporters, non-supporters arrested en-masse; CPI-M, BJP clashes reported, total chaos prevail over Manik’s ‘golden Tripura’
PHOTO : BJP, SUCI members arrested at Agartala. TIWN Pic Nov 28

AGARTALA, Nov 28 (TIWN): CPI-M’s 12 hrs strike against demonetization turned into a total chaos in capital Agartala and other parts of Tripura. On Monday, various political parties Congress, Trinamool, BJP, CPI-M with different views, centering on a single issue of demonetization came out on streets causing multiple clashes statewide. At Agartala when BJP began picketing against CPI-M before West PS, SUCI supporting CPI-M’s strike also held a protest. To avoid any untoward incidents, West Dist Police led by SP Abhijit Saptarshi, Addl SP Sharmishtha Chakraborty arrested party members of both political parties and segregated the BJP supporters at AD Nagar ground. On the other hand SUCI members were taken to West police Station, where they continued their protests. SP said on the spot, doesn’t matter who from where, but anybody disrupting the public domain, needs to be arrested.

Manik Sarkar led Tripura CPI-M's anti-demonetization drive was against the will of 80% of people, which in tune with 80 to 90% of Indians supporting demonetization to break blackmoney funded terror infrastructure.

The strike also called many untoward incidents, clashes in various places across Tripura.

At Amarpur, the ruling CPI-M and BJP party came into clashes, as per the report. On the other hand, CPI-M had stopped the Court’s gate at Dharmangar for hours, not allowing anyone to enter inside. BJP / CPI-M at Dharmangar came into clashes and apart from Amarpur and Dharmanagar many other places are reported with light clashes among opposite party members.

At Dharmanagar many BJP supporters including women were arrested, TIWN reported. Following the continuous attacks on judges, at Sabroom  high security led the judges to enter court.

However, security has been beefed up across the state so that the situation remain under control. However, TIWN talked to TMC and Congress chief leaders and both of them declined to support the strike. Congress is here observing Akrosh-Diwas, whereas TMC will hold protest; but all the protests are against the BJP led central Govt for its demonetization step.

All the Anti-Modi parties are protesting in their own ways against Modi, but the internal clash also continuing among the oppositions themselves.

The left front party and all anti-Modi parties are doing as much as possible to re-launch the cancelled Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 notes. From parliament to Supreme Court everywhere the Govt parties are trying to knock so that anyhow old notes’ bundle can become usable.

In a recent talk with TIWN correspondent in this week on the background of the protest, about the hottest Black-money curbing issue in India, Tripura state secretary Bijan Dhar claimed that ‘no black money will be returned with Central Govt.’s current decision, hardly it will affect few of those black money holders, who are staying in this country, but the actual black money which is outside the state will not come back by this strike”. Govt of India on Tuesday gave a shock to the black money holders leaving  only a few hours to spend or deposit Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 bills, with the announcement of above than Rs. 2.5 lakh’s deposit will be considered under the doubt for ‘Black-Money’. 

On the other hand state BJP President Biplab Deb claimed that 80 % Indians will be benefited by this move and also the price hike will be down now. Deb said, “People have enough trust on Modi, they have trust on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. People will decide who which govt is good”.

The strike on Monday caused heavy losses to business here, and especially the poor people are the most victims of it, TIWN surveyed the whole Agartala City.

The common people, poor people—for whom one period meal means a lot, have been suffering a lot today.

One rickshaw driver said that the strike has kicked on their stomachs for the whole day. TIWN also captured, how helplessly poor men, women were sitting beside road for work, “if”, anybody provides them any work so that they can manage their food for the day. 

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