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Tripura undergoing heavy losses due to shutdown
TIWN Nov 28, 2016
Tripura undergoing heavy losses due to shutdown
PHOTO : A view of Agartala city on Monday-shutdown. TIWN Pic Nov 28

AGARTALA, Nov 28 (TIWN): Due to a political shutdown, called by the ruling CPI-M Party here in Tripura, the state is undergoing heavy losses, TIWN reported.

On Monday morning no shops were allowed to open here & the capital city suffered a lot due to the shutdown in a working day followed by a Sunday.

Agartala City as per  weekly schedule remains close on Sunday, thus the following strike on Monday has caused heavy losses to the local shop-keepers here.

Especially the little shop-keepers are highly victims of it.

The rickshaw drivers also, who can not earn much during Sunday, generally Monday is highly important to them, but due to the shutdown they are unable to manage a day’s meal.

Few rickshaw drivers were found roaming, but they also suffered from lack of customers. Talking to a rikshaw driver,he fully protested against the strike and said the politics has kicked on his & his family members' stomaches for a day. 

This shutdown, called during crisis time has been highly criticized by public also.

28th Nov was considered as ‘Akrosh Day’, when the parties would protest against BJP for its recent step regarding demonetization.

But over politicizing the issue, the left front party has called the 12 hrs strike and paralyzed the state for a day.

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