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Manik Sarkar entitled Indian media as ‘Class-biased’ ! Lameduck CM puts his foot in mouth again
TIWN Nov 27, 2016
Manik Sarkar entitled Indian media as ‘Class-biased’ ! Lameduck CM puts his foot in mouth again
PHOTO : CM delivering speech at Muktadhara. TIWN Pic Nov 27

AGARTALA, Nov 27 (TIWN): The lameduck Chief Minister ever in India, who is also known as the ‘poorest’ CM, is now a days saying anything coming in his mind. Earlier the Modi Govt was his chief enemy, but now media also came in his enemy-list as on Sunday, standing before media he openly blasted all electronic and print media as more as he could. The long CPI-M regime and his long 18 yrs role as the Chief Minister of a state has boosted him to think own self as the Godfather of the Society here as no word strikes in his mouth before it comes out. This is not the first time that during a programme, Tripura CM has called the media as biased, but as per TIWN reporting is concerned, he particularly at Muktadhara on Sunday mentioned that Media here is “Class biased”.

Earlier CM mentioned in a programme, "In Tripura there is only one media (CM mentioned the name) publishes correct news and all others are false. On Sunday he said, the media either its print or electronic are becoming much class biased as they are controlled by the govt at centre. “I do not blame the media persons for it, but they are forced to write like this”, Sarkar said.

He began by calling Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “Class-Biased” and relating to Modi, he gave the same title to the medias here.

“But nothing is hidden from international record. India’s condition is pathetic in international news, doesn't matter how much the media propagate Modi Govt”, said CM.

“Country is undergoing a very critical situation under the preset Govt at centre. Since independence this is the first govt who is much Southern in nature and believes in Capitalism. Central govt now is looting the poor people… a total disruption !…”, said Sarkar.

The highest positive aspect of Modi’s move is that he has power to challenge but the negative side is that everything has an equal reaction as clasps are not done by one hand. 

He further urged the public to fight against Modi Govt for his wrong decision in the name of curbing black money. “The strike to be observed in Tripura and other places on Monday”, said CM.


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