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Trinamool kicks off state level meet : ‘Trinamool’s Rival-party is always CPI-M without any doubt, either here or at West Bengal’, says Sudip Barman
TIWN Nov 27, 2016
Trinamool kicks off state level meet : ‘Trinamool’s Rival-party is always CPI-M without any doubt, either here or at West Bengal’, says Sudip Barman
PHOTO : TMC held meeting at party office. TIWN Pic Nov 27

AGARTALA, Nov 27 (TIWN): After the unpleasant result received from the bi-election for Barjala and Khowai constituency, TMC kicked off a state level meeting at TMC Bhawan, Jackson Gate, Agartala. Sudip Barman accepting the result of bi-election, said to his comrades, "it’s true that we have defeated in this election, which we thought would be better but the opposition BJP and the ruling CPI-M have successfully confused the mass about Mamata Banerjee’s protest against Demonetization in coordination Anti-Modi parties".

"Many other parties joined in that demonetization-protest but the opposition BJP picked up the exact issue, which would touch the sentiment of the common people". BJP successfully made the people to misunderstand us as CPI-M’s friends. We newly joined TMC members had dedicated our lives to fight against CPI-M but now confusion created that we belong to CPI-M?", Barman added.

 After TMC and CPI-M walked together doubt raised against TMC’s motive in Tripura, many asked directly to the leaders of Trinamool in Tripura, ‘Does Mamata Banerjee only think about West Bengal Votes as she was aligning with CPI-M ahead of Tripura Bi-Election, which has caused major damages to Trinamool here?'

However, Barman mentioned, “CPI-M is our one chief opponent forever and we have dedicated our lives for it. Defeating CPI-M was our aim since the beginning, which appealed us to become Trinamool”. “There are many examples, when CPI-M aligned with BJP during UPA Govt's time, but here BJP and CPI-M has successfully confused the mass about our wise intentions against demonetization”, said Barman.

Barman however in a press meet held on Nov 23rd said, “This is not called alliance, this is just a joint protest. Trinamool’s ever enemy is Fascist CPI-M either it’s at West Bengal or in Tripura. BJP is not our enemy, but our aim from the beginning of political career was CPI-M and we wanted to wipe out CPI-M.

About BJP State President’s calling to other oppositions for aligning with BJP, Barman said, “I do not blame him much, as Biplab Deb is just a baby in this world of politics. What is he saying, what is he doing is because just to get some power he is flying, but suddenly a little whole will puncture and fall him from sky”. 


Barman also claimed it’s TMC which held many protests in state against the ruling party : 

1.     At HC also TMC is fighting,

2.     For joint entrance scam TMC is raising voice,

3.     For Petrol, LPG crisis TMC is protesting,

4.     Unemployment issues are raising by TMC,

5.     Job recruitment, price hike, corruption----all these issues TMC has raised in its 5 months 2 weeks’ lifespan in Tripura.

6. If CM says against Prime Minister it was TMC who protested.


About BJP’s alleged misdeeds, Barman said, BJP has won the election by 3 ways :

1.     Confusing the mass,

2.     Bribing the people (Barman claimed 30 Jio Mobiles, and Rs. 2 lakhs were given in Goyala Bosti),

3.     False Promise in the name of PMAY; whereas Municipality has already recorded the beneficiaries names, why BJP is listing another new list? Just to fool the people and earn the votes with empty-promises?, said Barman.

“We though to get a better result but unfortunately the result was shocking, but nothing to worry and TMC will fill up the gap, but  no unlawful activity will be held by TMC as CPI-M and BJP”, said Barman.

However, this was the beginning of the meeting, the internal decisions are undergoing through discussion and TMC to told the media later about the meeting outcome. 

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