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SBI ATM first configured Rs. 2000/- in Tripura
TIWN Nov 16, 2016
 SBI ATM first configured Rs. 2000/- in Tripura
PHOTO : ATM deposited Rs. 2000 at Agartala Melarmath Branch. TIWN Pic Nov 16

AGARTALA, Nov 16 (TIWN): For the first time in Tripura SBI ATMs are depositing Rs. 2000/ which has decreased the pressure of customers at SBI Bank (Melarmath branch).

But the note of Rs. 2000/ is creating further problems as public are unable to make change of that particular amount.,resulting double expenses.

Other bank's ATMs are almost running dry and maximum remained non-functional.

At Agartala Melarmath branch the bank officials had configured rupees 2000 on Wednesday morning, TIWN reported.

2 separate lines are there : One for women, one for men, TIWN eye-witness informed Agartala office. The men line is however more lengthy, but both the line is faster than banks.

‘Afterall it's machine, faster than men’, commented a depositor after getting money.

Amidst change crisis, public have rushed to withdraw moneys from that ATM. 

At morning customers returned back to homes after standing in lines for hours as configuring process was going on those ATMs of SBI Melarmath and from 1 PM the service began in full wave, TIWN reported. 

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