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Tripura lost its glorious orange production potentiality
TIWN Nov 15, 2016
Tripura lost its glorious orange production potentiality
PHOTO : Retailer sorting oranges at MG Bazar.TIWN Pic Nov 15

AGARTALA, Nov 15 (TIWN): Tripura is undergoing heavy price hike, resulting resentment among the common people during the whole year.Dry pockets of public thoughout the year-2016 had downed the market also.

Most importantly Tripura tradition for orange productivity has almost died now and the small size oranges are available in market at Rs. 10 per piece.

Although orange and Tourism Festival is conducted every year at Jampui Hills in Tripura which is believed to be the only place where beautiful oranges are cultivated, but now the state is undergoing massive price of oranges and also the quality of oranges have downed.

Orange plantation started in Jampui hill during the early 60s. It began as a fruit plantation for self consumption. Later on, when markets opened the people realized the economic potential of oranges. New gardens were created and within a few years, almost all families started an orange plantation for commercial purpose in their lands. In course of time income from orange plantations drastically changed the economic conditions and standards of living of the people of Jampui. The quality of orange was so good that it bagged the 1st position at fruits exhibition at New Delhi in the mid 80s.
Since then, Jampui became famous as a place where best quality oranges are grown commercially. With this recognition, more tourists became interested in visiting the area. So, for promotion of tourism, the Information and Culture department of Tripura started the unique Orange & Tourism festival celebration every year at Jampui hill. A large number of tourists, both domestic and foreign, participate and enjoy this festival.

But all those now are bye-gone era, as in reality public are buying oranges which are mostly imported items, with high price. 

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