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TPCC top brass resign from their post, State Congress in disarray ; Sudip & Co to join TMC most likely on 18th April ; Ashish Saha talks to TIWN
Amitabha Sengupta
TPCC top brass resign from their post, State Congress in disarray ;  Sudip & Co to join TMC most likely on 18th April ;  Ashish Saha talks to TIWN
PHOTO : TIWN File Photo : Sudip Barman garlanding Rahul Gandhi at Karaymura, Bishalgarh

AGARTALA / KOLKATA, April 9 (TIWN) : First it was Sudip Roy Barman who showed the way to thousands of Congress workers as well Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee leaders by resigning as CLP leadership. And a day after TPCC Working President MLA Ashish Kumar Saha , Tripura Pradesh Youth Congress Committee President Sushanta Chowdhury and NSUI Vice President , West Tripura Youth Parliamentary Constituency President Viki Prasad , East Tripura Youth Parliamentary Constituency President Rintu Lal Deb too resigned from their respective protesting against the ' unethical and immoral alliance '( as expressed by Sudip Roy Barman in his resignation letter addressed to AICC President Mrs Sonia Gandhi) of Congress with Left Front in the West Bengal Assembly poll.

After his resignation as CLP leader MLA Sudip Roy Barman and his team are looking forward to get the invitation call from TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee for joining the Trinamool Congress. 

The words used by Sudip Roy Barman in his resignation letter sent to AICC President Smt Sonia Gandhi such as ' unethical and immoral ' are clear indication that he and his men are determined to leave the party. And considering the importance of the moment Trinamool Congress too may ask Sudip & Co to go to Kolkata and join TMC soon after the Bengali New Years Day .

According to a source close to Sudip Roy Barman it is learnt that on 18th of April the rebel group within the Congress may have a formal meeting and in that meeting the final decision to merge with CPI-M is likely to be taken. The source adds that Sudip Roy Barman is looking forward to make this event happen on 19th of April .

Interestingly TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee too warned Cong-CPI-M recently in an election rally held in the Murshidabad District in West Bengal saying," CPI-M has been left out of West Bengal and there is no certainty that the party will regain power in Kerala this year. 

Only in Tripura CPI-M is ruling now but Trinamool will beat them in the 2018 assembly poll. " In fact the day after TMC  supremo's warning Sudip Roy Barman submitted his resignation on Thursday and others too started following him.

A TIWN source in TPCC told over telephone that ," Everything is going on the right direction.

The people of Tripura will get a big news , as far as state politics is concerned , soon after Bengali New Year Day. Hopefully , CPI-M will face tough challenges from the ' real opposition' soon ."

As of now it is learnt that along with Sudip Roy Barman MLAs namely Biswabandhu Sen , Jiten Sarkar, Ashis Kr Saha, Dibachandra Hrangkhal , Pranajit Singha Roy are certain to leave Congress and join TMC.

The rumour is also in the air that MLA Dilip Sarkar too will join hands with ' Team Sudip '. However, former Chief Minister Samir Ranjan Barman has remained silent so far on the ongoing political turmoil within the Congress.

But TIWN sources close to Senior Barman confirms that former Chief Minister too will be part of the team currently led by his son Sudip Roy Barman to join Trinamool Congress.

 It is now almost clear to all that the bulk of the Congress party leaders and workers in Tripura are against the Congress-LF alliance in Tripura.

A top level TPCC leader ( who will be a part of that group joining TMC) on Friday night told this correspondent ," Its very unfortunate that AICC has gone against the interests of the common workers of the party by forming alliance with the Left. Congress being a national party should not take such hilarious decision - forming alliance with LF in Bengal and fighting against the LF in Kerala and Tripura.

This is indeed hurting the sentiments of those who have been tortured and exploited in the hands of CPI-M cadres in Bengal and Tripura. One cant forget that more that 55000 workers were killed during the 34 years' long Left Front regime in Tripura . Even in Tripura our MLAs Parimal Saha and Madhusudhan Saha as well hundreds of innocent Congress party workers were killed . And now we are feeling guilty towards their families as their families' sacrifices have been forgotten by the Congress. In this situation it's very unrealistic to remain with Congress and carry on with our  fight against CPI-M in Tripura." However, he refused to make any comment on the issue of merging with the TMC saying ," Whatever decision will be taken , it will be taken keeping the interests of the thousands of anti-CPI-M people in mind. "

 Meanwhile MLA Ashish Kumar Saha , who resigned as TPCC Working President spoke to TIWN on Friday night.

He firmly said ," The anti-Left platform in the state will definitely hail strength. However, we have not yet made our stand clear yet but very soon we will make it clear to all. But we shall remain in that platform from where we can fight against the Left ." Saha hesitated to make any comment when asked  Whether they will make alliance with BJP if situation such arises or people of the state demand such. Replying to this question he said ," Its not proper time to make any comment on this direction . We will see how AICC reacts to our decision.

If AICC changes its decision and assures to consider fighting against the Left as its top priority , we are ready to rethink. " But he firmly said ," We have resigned from our posts protesting against the unethical alliance between Congress and Left Parties . And we are committed to the people Tripura and will always stand by them in their fight against CPI-M . "


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