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NEEPCO starts commercial power generation of 23 MW from R C Nagar
NEEPCO starts commercial power generation of 23 MW from R C Nagar
PHOTO : NEEPCO power plant. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): The North East Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO) has finally started the commercial power generation of 23 Mega Watt (MW) from R C Nagar power plant. However, another power unit of NEEPCO is awaiting to get the nod of the Commercial Operation Declaration (COD), said NEEPCO official on Thursday.Agartala Gas Thermal Combine Cycle has been one of the best power plants of NEEPCO. Besides two steam turbine-fuelled units, four units (21X4) are functioning as per the installed capacity. Another 25 MW power unit (Steam) has been switched on but commercial operation has not been declared yet. The official said that the second power unit sometime faces trouble due to the problem in gas supply being supplied by ONGC. He also said that the second unit of steam turbine which is also doing well is expected to get commercial operation by next couple of days.It is to be note that RC Nagar power plant is one of the finest thermal power projects of the NEEPCO. NEEPCO is an electricity generation public sector undertaking owned by the Government of India under the Ministry of Power, formed on 2 April 1976 to plan, investigate, design, construct, generate, operate and maintain power stations in the North Eastern Region of the country. It has 55% of total installed capacity of North east region, which is 1130 MW.

He also said that the management is also in touch with the GAIL authority to get the required gas towards generating maximum power.

NEEPCO has recently installed two broiler turbines and switched on newly implanted turbines producing 46 MW of power from the existing plant at R C Nagar. However, as per the DPR an estimated Rs. 192 crore was earmarked to add 46 MW power at NEEPCO’s R C Nagar power plant.

At the meantime the NEEPCO run Monarchak Power Plant under Sonamura Sub Division is in tussle with the ONGC over the issue of irregular gas supply to the plant following which the plant needs to undergone shutdown leaving the plant run in loss.

Though in the recent past talking to TIWN Monarchak official said that the management managed to resume the plant after getting the gas supply from ONGC.

According to the recent report being reported by a local daily the gas supply has again been suspended. It reported that the gas pipeline went dry whereas at the mean time the Monarchak management has requested ONGC to ensure smooth gas supply so that the plant do not face major problem further, it reported.

Though in this regard the TIWN on Thursday noon tried to contact to its reliable source of Monarchak but found unavailable over phone.  



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