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Fly over construction work causing traffic congestion
Fly over construction work causing traffic congestion

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): Traffic congestion has now become regular scenario. With the on-going construction work of the fly-over work at Battala, the issue of traffic congestions came into public eye with the regular massive traffic jam from Bordowali-Battala road, disrupting the convenient movement of traffic on the road during office and school hours. Through traffic managers are being deployed on the streets but no relief from the traffic jam.

The soil testing in the entire road from Battala to Bordowali at every 5 minute distance is creating massive traffic congestion during the day time.

The jam turns out to be so vulnerable that it requires more than half an hour to cover a distance of 3 km in two-wheeler.

Especially during the office hours the people are mainly facing trouble while travelling through this road. The road from Nagerjala to Battala has become congested resulting the parking of vehicles at the no parking zone on the roadside causing inconvenience to the smooth traffic movement, and more seriously to vulnerable pedestrians.

The soil testing process conducted for fly-over constructing is posing a threat for the auto drivers as well. As huge equipment is dumped along side road it may lead to any accident. In most of the parts of the roads mud is dumped along water is logged at the middle of the road for soil testing.  

Widened portions of the roads got fully occupied due to clogging on either sides of the road, dumping of the construction material on the road side, has immensely disrupted the smooth movement of traffic on the road.

The saga of the traffic congestion begins from the morning and continues till late it the night. In most of the times the auto drivers deny to carry passengers and ride through this road as traffic jam continuously disrupts the smooth riding of the vehicles on the road.

Many of the vehicles crawl down to some other road to escape the traffic jam.


Traffic simply comes to a halt or crawls on some sections of Nagerjala road as traffic jam disrupts the regular movement of the vehicles on the roads.

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