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Indo-Bangla export import trade resumes at Akhaura check post
Indo-Bangla export import trade resumes at Akhaura check post
PHOTO : Export and Import resumed at Tripura. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, July 29 (TIWN): The export and import business between Tripura and Bangladesh and the transportation of goods resumed form Monday, said Export and Import Secretary Habul Biswas. The trade was suspended due to the construction work of a bridge, at Bangladesh side. All transports remained suspended due to this Bharamanbaria Road and waterway Baily bridge renovation work, he said. As there is only one way for importing as well exporting goods from both the sides, it is decided by the authority that business will remain suspended for two days and the bridge will be renovated under emergency time period of two days and the business will be resumed by Monday in full swing. All the major markets of Tripura depend on the import of fish from Bangladesh, so there is possibility that measures might be taken to continue the supply of fishes to the state as fishes come in smaller vehicles but the movement of heavy goods loaded truck will remain suspended. The Akhaura land custom station has been mainly dealing with import business from Bangladesh for catering the domestic need of fish, edible items, melamine and toiletries, ready-made garments and stones chips in Tripura, but the suspension of formal trade badly affects the state markets.

The export-import ratio of Tripura and Bangladesh faces a lot of in incompatibilities in the recent few years. From the recent data, it is showed that while from Bangladesh the total amount of export lingers in nearly 300 crore rupees, the export from Tripura leads to hardly in lakhs.

In the year 2011-12, the total import business amounts to Rs 329 crore rupees, in the year 2012-2013- it has increased upto Rs. 342 crore 66 lakhs rupees, though in the year 2014-15, due to political disturbances in Bangladesh, this number is reduced a few. While comparing to the import amount, in 2012-13, it was export of only Rs 1 crore 40 lakhs and in the year 2013-14, it was 40 lakhs. The same amount prevails in the current year also.

Sources in the Agartala Export-Import Association said that the border trade with Bangladesh along erstwhile Akhaura check-post had severely hit since the devolution of the Indian rupee vs. Dollar price. The situation was further aggravated with the advent of political turmoil in Bangladesh as daily import from Bangladesh came down from the average of Rs. 1.5 crore to Rs. 15-20 lakh.

According to the experts there is lots of possibility to take the international trade policy. International trade between India and Bangladesh started from 1995-96. Before international trade it was illegal trade. At present there are eight land custom stations in Tripura. These are Agartala, Sonamura, Belonia, Muhuripur, Khuwai, Dhalaighat, Manughat, and Raghnaghat.

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