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Clueless police didn't collect enough evidences on Kalpana Das brutal murder case, claims Congress
Clueless police didn't collect enough evidences on Kalpana Das brutal murder case, claims Congress
PHOTO : Murder weapon recovered from Jiten Das house pond by Police on wednesday.TIWN Pic April 29

AGARTALA, April 30 (TIWN): Expelled CPI-M leader Jiten Das’ wife Kalpana Das murder case has so far brought blames on police and allegation against the state govt. It has been alleged that in-spite of victim Mrs Kalpana Das informing Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and Minister Manik Dey about the brutal torture by Jiten, the state govt. has not taken any necessary steps to protect Kalpana before she was brutally murdered allegedly by her husband Jiten Das. Since after the murder of Kalpana, though the alleged mastermind Jiten das was arrested by the police, but as of now, according to the police sources, no major success of filing charge-sheet and proving Jiten Das’s involvement with the heinous crime. On Wednesday after the SIT team managed to recover two sharp cutting weapons suspected to have used during the murder of Kalpana, yet again the opposition congress leader questioned the investigation procedure of police. On a telephonic conversation with the TIWN on Wednesday one of the opposition heavyweight leader has blamed police saying, “The clueless police intentionally has taken no evidence on the very first day of the murder incident.”He said, “Evidences that would have brought a major breakthrough in this case were intentionally avoided in order to hush up the case and rescue Jiten Das.”

The leader also claimed that on the very day after the incident took place the  place of occurrence was not protected by the police as a result the police led the evidences to get diminished, alleged Congress leader.

Besides, the leader has also indicated talking to TIWN that after the incident took place it was only the ruling CPI-M state secretary Bijan Dhar who said, “It appears to be a murder”. “But how could he know that it was a murder whereas the police was supposed to declare it whether it was a murder or a suicide,” pointed the leader.

“We, the opposition congress demand the police to interrogate Mr. Dhar and other leaders who was tight lipped to Jiten.” Adding to that the congress leader also said, “Jiten was a close aide of Manik Sarkar, thus the CPI-M and its Left front govt. might be trying hard enough to hush up the case and rescue the close aide of Sarkar.”

Police on wednesday recovered murder weapon from the pond of Jiten Das's house. TIWN Pic April 29

Although the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of police constituted by the state government recently is tight-lipped to the investigation of the Kalpana Das murder case, the opposition leader has brought distrust to the clueless police over no development to the case could be brought by the police so far.

He claimed, “Police has been investigating the case under the pressure of ruling CPI-M party, and in this way the so called clean imaged Manik Sarkar had also managed to tiet he hands of police from bringing further development to Kalpana Das murder case.”

It is worthy to be mentioned here that congress MLA Ratan Lal Nath recently said “Even if detained CPI-M leader Jiten Das gets a bail from the court, will one call him innocent?” therefore the fact always remains a fact and it never gets diminished, said Nath. 

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