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All India Democratic Students Organization submits memorandum to PM
 All India Democratic Students Organization submits memorandum to PM
PHOTO : All India DSO organise a rally at Agartala. TIWN Pic April 29

AGARTALA, April 29 (TIWN): All India Democratic Students Organization on Wednesday submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister regarding various demands against the hampering of studies of students and their rights.

On this occasion, the organization had organized a rally all over the Agartala city and submits memorandum to the Prime Minister. Nearly about 1,000 post cards in the form of memorandum were sent to the Prime Minister. The issues focused in the demands were:

1. Pass-fail method should be implemented again to secure the future of the students. Not only should that CCE method also be rooted out.

2. Semister, Tri-Semister, Interior Evaluation and Inter-Disciplinary Course Credit system will also be rooted out.

3. Government aid should be provided to all India Educational institutions. At the same there will be no hike in the rise of fee.

4. Privatization of Education, Business, P-P-P and direct foreign investment should be avoided.

It is to be mentionable that All India Democratic Students’ Organization (AIDSO) is a student organization in India. The AIDSO was formed on 28 December 1954 and is affiliated with the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist). The primary objective of the AIDSO is to organise student movements against the education policies of the central and state governments as well as other authorities concerned and for the "establishment of a scientific, secular, democratic education system".

In the late 50s, a large student movement formed in West Bengal against a seat restriction scheme. The AIDSO played a crucial role in this movement.  In 1974, AIDSO held the Cuttack Conference where the organization emerged in a new form with an All India character, with representation from 8 states.



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