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Amit Shah’s visits ushers a new horizon in Tripura politics
Amit Shah’s visits ushers a new horizon in Tripura politics
PHOTO : BJP State leaders meeting BJP President Amit Shah at State Guest House. TIWN Pic

AGARTALA, April 29 (TIWN): The maiden visit of BJP national president Amit Shah in Tripura has given a strong signal that next three years will be tough and challenging for leftists in the country and CPI-M in the state. Shah ended his two-weeks long Northeast visit with Tripura on Tuesday morning leaving spirit to fight against Manik Sarkar led team in the state well ahead of 2018 assembly poll.Besides, addressing public rally of course not mammoth in Agartala, Shah held series of meetings with BJP leaders of the state regarding consolidated fight against left front to wipe them out from the power. Certainly, Amit Shah’s Tripura visit in odd time put ruling CPI-M in a fresh challenge. However, the performance of the state BJP leaders has made him unhappy.The hardcore and dedicated BJP men in Tripura have been in sideline since Modi led government came in power last year. Instead, hostile congress group like Arun Kanti Bhowmik and Subal Bhowmik have got major space in the state BJP because of their political experiences. On the other, the BJP’s state leaders including the president Sudhindra Dasgupta are in the second bench now. The huge exodus from Congress’s different ranks has added woe to the genuine BJP leaders.

But in his interaction with the leaders Shah understood the problem of the party and indicated to bring a new and dedicated BJP man into the President post soon.

Dasgupta led BJP has surrendered everything of the party to new comers like Bhowmiks due to his limitation in political understanding. Surprisingly, the state BJP leaders could not even make Shah convince about anti-left agenda in the state. The state BJP unit shows it’s immaturity when they selected the rally place at Vivekananda stadium, which accommodates about 50,000 people. There was a proposal within the party to hold the rally at Sakuntala Road but with the influence of Bhowmiks they refused it. Ultimately, when Shah came into stage and saw hardly 10000 people around, he became angry that made him angry.

Moreover, the party is not briefed properly about the political issues and hit points of BJP in Tripura. Since the party state unit is suffering from serious intellectual vacuum in the state, it could not anticipate and visualize the long term goal in Tripura. The party could not even able to appoint a befitting personality as assistant solicitor general in the high court. The party can’t even response immediately in the misdeed of left front in Tripura. Amit Shah’s visit to the state has made the poor performance of BJP team here and established that a hardcore dedicated tech-savvy and sharp leadership is badly needed for the state now. There is a descending shadow of Congress party in Tripura now.   

To counter the left front in Tripura, Shah needs to have a team, which is completely different from it’s attitude. Shah in his speech, termed left front as a misguided political force and synonymous with corruption. He indicated that BJP central leadership is aware of misappropriation of Centre-sponsored funds in the state during Left Front's 22 years' rule. BJP has already made up its mind to oust Left Front from power in Tripura in the next assembly election scheduled for 2018, he said. But question how to wipe it out and by whom?

Flaying Congress for poor development of the northeast region, Shah said NE has never got its legitimate development packages since Independence and the previous Congress-led UPA government had done nothing for the development of the region. He issued a strong signal stating that PM Modi laid maximum emphasis on the region for proper development by changing Look East policy to Act East policy. Ministry of DoNER has been re-oriented and all the ministers are asked to visit NE on a monthly basis.


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