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Beginning of an end of suffocation in Tripura under Manik's era: An exclusive analysis
Beginning of an end of suffocation in Tripura under Manik's era: An exclusive analysis
PHOTO : Scamster BDO Bimal Chakraborty with his godfather CM Manik Sarkar. TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, April 6 (TIWN Bureau): The recent exposure of association of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and ruling CPI-M party with Rose Valley and six other Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) by a section of media has indicated the beginning of an end of suffocative era in Tripura.It appears that Manik and corrupt lobbies’ preferred media houses are stopped appreciating Manik Sarkar for his constructed image of honesty and simplicity. Thanks to 2-3 national media organisations who have come out from the illusion of Sarkar’s clean character, he is now nowhere.More interestingly, so called self-proclaimed opportunist intellectuals of Agartala have also stopped flattering Manik Sarkar. It is observed that CPI-M mouthpiece in Tripura, Manik’s funded online media group and CPI-M managed TV channels in Tripura, Sarkar’s beneficiaries working in identified news agencies and an eastern India based English daily did not write single word on the development of the issue. After assuming power in 2013 with 50 out of 60 seats in assembly, Manik Sarkar has lost all his morale and courtesy towards his cabinet colleagues, honest and efficient bureaucrats and employees, impartial media persons and most importantly with the common mass who trust to share their agony and sufferings with Chief Minister.

The media beneficiaries are started shifting their allegiance from Manik Sarkar and whispering the same sentence – law will take it’s own course. Everybody is trying hard to find out survival strategy for future with new group.

He has started sheltering corrupt bureaucrats and institutions with the advice of some shallow brain officers and outsiders surrounding him always for their narrow interest. None of the cases of corruption and illegal things, Manik Sarkar stood firm and rational in decision. Never listened to his cabinet colleagues and progressive party comrades in crucial decision making process rather always he preferred to be remained with the advice of his a particular section who creamed out their benefit. As a result, Sarkar became isolated from all sections.

When he realized, large section of people started avoided him Sarkar pertained to be smarter and best policy advisor. His practice of imparting knowledge from IT to farm workers, writers to readers, professors to students, doctors, engineers and even the media personnel have become dominating in his character. He also started patronizing all corrupt officials and businessmen. Sarkar realized his association with money making companies where he became the brand ambassador will be instrumental by his opponent if he opposed illegal things of his preferred team.

Since 2008, Manik Sarkar has been taken shelter of dishonesty, dependent on corrupt lobby in and outside the government, gradually lost respect to the common people and women, departed from communist way of life and opted lavish life-style like CMD of a multi-national company, as his corrupt lobby supplied him all amenities. They set up multi-gym in his house. They procured hundreds of hangers for his bed-room. Shoes, dresses, perfumes, food menu have gradually become irritants even for his party comrades. But Manik Sarkar is the racing horse of dwindling leftism in India.

Many a times, Sarkar’s way of life, his association with corrupt people and institutions, sheltering criminals and dis-respect to the common people have discussed in the party meetings and finally reported to Politburo. But after West Bengal assembly election, entire CPI-M party has solely dependent of Manik Sarkar for funding, political campaign and everything. The party also allowed him to keep close relation with NBFCs and other corporate for political funding. Manik Sarkar doesn’t required fund because everybody supplied him whenever and whatever his need at any given time. Whatever odd he does – everything was for his party and CPI-M associates.

Manik Sarkar’s morale went down into such an extent at one point of time; he could not even raised objection when his aided media houses and media touts started written for his wife to glorify him. His wife used to travel by paddle-rickshaw and sometime walked on street. Sometimes she was found in queue in front of temple to collect Prasad despite being a communist. Manik’s funded group capitalizes it for public campaign to justify Sarkar’s simplicity and honesty. After her retirement, Sarkar’s wife wanted to buy a car for personal use but reportedly Manik Sarkar prevented her arguing that people will say badly on him if she buys a car! Means Manik Sarkar restrained his wife’s need to protect his selfish motive – what could be more shameful for CPI-M party.

Sarkar being a Chief Minister of centrally sponsored state and only twinkle start of leftists in India, have been getting all amenities and enjoying highest level luxuries for past 22 years leaving behind his communist morale. But his wife, an employee of union government had earned substantially but could not even enjoy one-tenth of her wish and status only because she is the wife of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar. Sarkar not even allowing her to board in his official car when he is accompanying the same destination rather compelled her to travel by rickshaw. How indecent and mentally impaired a person could be more than Manik?

The same Manik is holding meeting with "Cheat" fund companies and encouraged people to deposit money in them. He is the person who advised Finance Minister Bhanu Lal Saha to state the government’s commitment to protect NBFCs interest in budget speech.

It is enough for Sarkar and CPI-M party resign from the power and voluntarily appeared to CBI. They should confess their crimes and help law of land to uphold the spirit of Indian democracy at least to retain the prestige of communism and leave its scope to flourish in future.  

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