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Manik-Badal contradiction on Rose Valley
Manik-Badal contradiction on Rose Valley

Agartala, April 6 (TIWN): Chief Minister Manik Sarkar may say he had no idea of Rose Valley before 2008, but his revenue minister (former finance minister) Badal Chowdhury says the SEBI had informed the state government about Rose Valley in 1999.

Chowdhury admitted the Rose Valley group had forcibly occupied government land and illegally bought tribal land to create the Rose Valley Park.
The park was later inaugurated by Chief Minister Manik Sarkar
Badal Chowdhury has admitted that the state government took three years to initiate legal action against the Rose Valley group but blamed it on 'bureaucratic wranglings'.
State Congress chief Sudip Barman has welcomed the statement by Badal Chowdhury.
"So Chowdhury's admission proves what we have been alleging for a while. Now let us see what the CBI does," said Barman.
Chowdhury shocked all by admitting that it had come to the government's notice that Rose Valley had set up the amusement park by forcibly occupying government (lkhas) land and by illegally buying tribal land at throwaway prices.  What was more shocking was his admission that notice for legal action against Rose Valley was served only in 2011.
Why did serving a legal notice take three years ! Was it deliberate ! 
Badal Chowdhury said the delay was 'simple bureaucratic red tapism' .
"Documents had to be recovered from the Land Revenue department. We cant recover land by force, we have taken the legal route and the case is in court."
Of the 31 acres that covers the Rose Valley Park,  five acres of land was purchased illegally from tribals and thirteen acres of khas or government land was forcibly occupied.
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