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Congress concern over gravity of corruptions is schools

AGARTALA, April 6 (TIWN): It was witnessed the gravity of corruptions in all most all the major schools in Kadamtala block of Dharmanagar. The allotment of funds does not match with the construction work in different schools.

Congress is up in arms relating to corruption issues, as the Kadamtala Block congress president Maniklal Das informed that the construction activities does not tally with the allotment of funds to different schools. These construction activities have been carried out under various schemes at different intervals.

The materials used are substandard quality in constructing the structures. Quality of cement used is low whereas more sands used is low whereas more sands used for all structures, he mentioned.

He alleged that five percent of construction work is not completed. The allotment of funds was Rs. 9.98 lakh for construction of building structures if Kurti Deobari J B School, where as for Kurti Colony Higher School Rs. 2.80 lakh for the year 2012-2013 financial year. And for the boundary wall of the same school, amount allotted was Rs. 6.73 lakh.

Likewise in other schools, the construction of a building of Alinagar J.V School was sanctioned Rs. 9.89 lakh, he mentioned. And from the above information it was clear the construction activities not done fully as per the expenditure incurred.  

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