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Udaipur : 3 months work delays to 9 months, misery continues
Udaipur : 3 months work delays to 9 months, misery continues
PHOTO : Work at slow pace at Udaipur. TIWN Pic April 4

Udaipur, March 5 (TIWN): At last the necessity of the water body purification of Jagannath lake was felt by the Government. Ratan Bhowmik (Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation) brought out the plan and the work was given under Shishir Chiran(Divisional Executive Engineer). Before 6 months the work had been started. The full water body would be discharged into the river Gomati flowing nearby. The work was plan to be concluded within 3 months, but after 6 months of passage the work in charge Shishir Chiran on 4/4/2015 said to TIWN correspondent “ It may need more 3 /4 months more, due to few obstacles we are facing during the work.”

Jagannath lake was made by Maharaja Govindo Manikya before 500 years. In this regard it is not just a part of the nature, but it also has a historical significance.

But this lake has been used by the public of that area for their daily works; including releasing all the garbage from their home. As a result the water body of Jagannath lake has become poisonous.Talking to TIWN correspondent the field manager Paresh Mallik informed that the water body of this lake has become such poisonous that the few of the labors are suffering from skin diseases.

This work may need more 1 and half month just to make the swage by which the water will be discharged into the river, said Paresh Mallik. But till then the road will be closed (except two wheelers) and  it’s interesting to hear that Shishir Chiran (MI) told TIWN that this road will not be blocked more than 2 weeks.

The main road for Udaipur town (Jamtala road) is closed(except 2 wheelers) from more than 20 days days for this purpose. But there is no hurry to finish it soon. All the labors found sleeping under the trees when TIWN correspondent visited that place.

 If just to make the swage needs 2 months then how many months will be needed to complete the whole work! 

The authority should look after the matter seriously so that the work may finish fast and if the local people use this lake as their personal pond like the Kalyan Sagar of Matabari then the condition of the water body will again be same in future.

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