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Matabari : Gomati District Administration, Forest Dept in slumber, water pollution high, tortoises,fishes dying
Matabari : Gomati District Administration, Forest Dept in slumber, water pollution high, tortoises,fishes dying
PHOTO : Everyday pollution at Matabari Kalyan Sagar lake. TIWN Pic April 3

Udaipur, April 3 (TIWN): After taking few bold steps to preserve the tortoises and fishes of Matabari the District Administration still afraid to take any steps against the local people, to stop them from polluting the water of Matabari lake Kalyan Sagar. As a result, Tortoises and Fishes are at risk at Kalyan Sagar lake.

The most prominent temple of Tripura, the Tripura Sundari temple’s lake Kalyan Sagar is famous all over India for the collection of its rare Bostami turtles and various kinds of fishes. But the extinctions of its tortoises have become a very common and an old issue, for which the Government may not care anymore.

TIWN correspondent visited Tripureswari temple and asked the forest department employees why the cause of extinction of tortoises is not taking seriously. The forest department employees said in their defense that officially, various steps have been taken already to save the fishes and tortoises. The tortoises can’t breed their offspring for the artificial cemented embankments, made by the Govt. earlier.  And the lack of oxygen is also a cause. That’s why a new place has been made especially for the tortoise’s breeding and 12 machines which will serve oxygen to the creatures. Before few months an awareness camp was held at “Matbari Mukta Mancha” to aware the local people to save their own Kalyan Sagar and its creatures.

 In reply of TIWN correspondent’s question “Why the administration is too late to be strict to stop people from polluting the water?” A high level official said, “If we ourselves do not take our own responsibilities, it is impossible to save the Nature. The local people should take care of their own heritage.” However, general opinion is that, Gomati District administration lacking quality measures to save Matabari lake.

Hence, now it is questionable how much by closing the eyes, the Administration can ignore its own the duty? The Administration should be really serious and give strict prohibitions so that the local people would not to dare to use this lake for their daily works and kill the living things of the lake like this.

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