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Storm devastates, power supply
 Storm devastates, power supply
PHOTO : Electric pillar broke at Rajdhar nagar in Khayerpur. TIWN Pic April 03

AGARTALA, April 3 (TIWN): Most of newly constructed electric pillars in Rajdhar area at Khayerpur were damaged due to the recent Kal baisakhi that hit the state on Thursday. As a result the locals are facing acute power crisis.

Taking to TIWN the locals, said that the main reason behind the damage of the pillars is poor construction because the pillars were new it is not possible that the Kal baisakhi can damage these pillars, said a local.

Then why only all the news pillars were damaged? asked a local. Due to the power crisis the locals are facing huge problems. Without electricity we not able to do anything, said another local.

The electricity corporation should take charge of the problem otherwise the residents would go for upheaval. The residents of the areas have been facing power cuts since last night. Storm hit various remote areas grounding several electric pillars. The storm caused huge damage to the electricity transmission line in different areas. Several electric pillars were uprooted after trees fell into transmission line. It is expected that the price of vegetables may hike. Rains continue to disrupt normal life. Though getting respite from the scorching heat, heavy rains crippled normal life in the several remote areas of the state.


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