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“Chit funds donated over Rs 350 crores to CPM Party Fund; “CPI (M) and Left front govt. always had soft corner for chit fund companies; says Sudip. Opposition hits back to Manik on chit fund issue
“Chit funds donated over Rs 350 crores to CPM Party Fund; “CPI (M) and Left front govt. always had soft corner for chit fund companies; says Sudip. Opposition hits back to Manik on chit fund issue
PHOTO : CBI raid on Rose Valley Agartala office. Inset pic of Minister Bijita Nath who was an agent of Rose Valley Chit Fund

AGARTALA, April 3 (TIWN): Opposition congress hit back to CM Manik Sarkar on Rose valley chit fund scams; opposition leader Sudip Roy Barman claimed, “Chit fund issue is not a political issue neither an election issue but the issue of common people of state.” Sudip mentioned that it is not the opposition but the CPI (M) and its Left front govt. is much worried now with the CBI investigation of the Rose valley chit fund company. Barman said, “If Manik Sarkar would have had a single soft corner for the children than how come he had not uttered a single word for the children while addressing the Rose Valley park inauguration programme?” It is mentionable here that Sarkar recently remarked, "You know that I like children very much and the rose valley park was built for the children....” Barman also indicated that during the year 1999 SEBI declared the Rose Valley company as a chit fund company. Adding to that he also mentioned that amongst the 101 acres of land of rose valley park the state govt. has 50 acres. However, beside the rest part of the land of the ST community had been illegally acquired by the Rose valley authorities with CM Manik Sarkar’s help, alleged Barman. “And that is why we have demanded for the CBI enquiry and this is of course not a political issue but the issue for the rights of the common people of the state,” said Barman. Barman further alleged that after the raid conducted at Agartala Rose valley office branch handsome amount of cash of Rs. 350 crore was funded to some CPI (M) leaders including Manik Sarkar’s sister Anita Sarkar.

 The Congress, led by Barman, on Thrusday also accused the ruling CPI-M leaders and members along with CM of being involved in the activities of chit fund groups, an accusation which the Left has refuted.

Taking up the issue of the recent remark of Manik Sarkar on chit fund, Barman on Thrusday evening indicated that the CPI (M) and the left front govt. always had a soft corner for the chit fund companies in state which has looted hundreds of crores of money from the common masses. However, it is worthy to be mentioned here that recently CM stated that making the chit fund a political issue the opposition here has been uselessly targeting the Chief Minister of the state.The hit-back attack came today by the opposition leader after CM Manik Sarkar denied his involvement with Rose valley chit fund company. And Sarkar’s statement has come after national media reports quoted Congress leader Sudip Roy Barman and published photographs of Sarkar attending the inaugural function of a park set up by Kolkata-based Rose Valley group, a chit fund organisation.

While CM earlier denying his involvement with the chit fund company said, “If one attends the inauguration programme of chit fund company it does not mean he is involved with the business of the company, therefore it is irrelevant.”

Opposition leader Sudip Roy Barman speaking at Press Conference at Congress Bhavan. TIWN Pic April 2

Manik Sarkar recently stated, "I along with Congress legislator Dilip Sarkar attended the inaugural function of the Rose Valley Park in July 2008. At that time, I was not aware that the Rose Valley group is a chit fund organization." However following this Barman said Dilip Sarkar can attend the inauguration programme as a local MLA and he has no relation to the state govt. bodies. Besides, how come CM can say that he was not aware that rose valley is a chit fund, while the SEBI had already declared it to be chit fund?, said Barman.

Barman claimed, “The CPI (M) and its Left front govt. always had a soft corner for the NBFC companies of the state.” While the way state govt. fooled the employees here at the state in the same way the govt. has been fooling with the common mass of the state on chit fund issue.

"The CBI has so far taken up very few cases. We want the CBI to probe all aspects of their activities and the involvement of high profile persons," Barman added.

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