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Udaipur fake note circulation: Notes coming from Bank ATMs
Udaipur fake note circulation: Notes coming from Bank ATMs
PHOTO : Fake Rs 1000 note handed over to Bank cash manager in SBI Udaipur. TIWN Pic April 2

Udaipur, April 2(TIWN): Fake note came out from a State Bank of India’s ATM at Udaipur ( Branch code 00216) near Mahadevbari. Ajoy Bol, resident of Chandrapur, withdrawn 20,000/- rupees from an ATM of Police line area at 12:41 pm, on 02/04/2015, where he found a 1,000 rupee note as fake.

Understanding that the note was fake as it looked like a good print copy of real note he showed the note to the CCTV camera set inside the ATM branch of State Bank of India and instantly he went to the main branch of that bank near Mahadeb Bari, and discussed the matter with the branch manager S.K.Roy Chowdhury.

The branch manager immediately sent Ajoy Bol to the cash manager Swapan Das. But the cash manager was not ready to hear any word from him and said very rudely, “Don’t waste our time. It is impossible that any fake note can come from any of our ATM machines.”

Then after a huge argument, Ajoy Bol told him that he showed the note to the CCTV camera at that moment and now it’s his right to get the details of this transaction from the bank; otherwise he will go to the police station. Then the cash manager’s tone changed and went to the cash room and came back.

Bank officials looked like least bothered with fake note circulations in Udaipur.

Cash Manager Swapan K Das with the fake Rs 1000 note. TIWN Pic April 2

SBI Udaipur Branch ATM where fake note was dispensed. TIWN Pic April 2

After few minutes another worker came back from the cash room pretending that he had just checked the note in their machine and then exchanged the fake note with a new note. 

Rs. 1000 fake note on the left and bank exchanged real note on the right. TIWN Pic April 2

While talking to TIWN, Ajoy Bol said, “This is nothing new, it happened with my known people   earlier,  that’s why I showed the money to the CCTV Camera. But think about the poor people who do not even know where to go with this fake note?”
Now it is important to aware people about the fake currency coming from ATMs. Anybody can claim for the transaction details and can know what was the numbers of all the notes of that transaction process.



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