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Mahavir Jayanti celebrated in Tripura
Mahavir Jayanti celebrated in Tripura
PHOTO : Mahavir Jayanti celebeated at Agartala. TIWN Pic April 02

AGARTALA, April 2 (TIWN): Along with the country Tripura also celebrated Mahavir Jayanti, the birth anniversary of 24th and last Jain Tirthankar Bhagwan Mahavir in Mahavir temple at palace compound, here today.

Mahavir was the last Tirthanka and founder of Jainism in India. He was born on the thirteenth day of the rising moon of Chaitra to King Siddartha and Queen Trisala in Vaishali (Bihar), a few miles from present Patna city. His parents named him Vardhaman. 

According to Swetambars, Vardhaman's expecting mother had 14 dreams. When astrologers interpreted these dreams, they predicted that the child would become either an emperor or Tirthankar, a person who achieves spiritual enlightenment. The prophecies of the astrologers came true and later he became the 24th Tirthankar. 
Mahavir lived as a prince. But, in his early years he developed a deep interest in the core beliefs of Jainism and started meditating. At the age of 30, he renounced the throne and his family to seek spiritual truth and spent twelve years as an ascetic. He spent most of his time meditating and preaching non-violence to people and also showed utmost reverence to all living beings. Mahavira chose an extremely ascetic life. While enduring the penance, he controlled his senses. His courage and exemplary action in controlling the senses earned him the name Mahavira. And he devoted the rest of his life preaching the truth of spiritual freedom. Thus, Mahavir Jayanti is celebrated every year to commemorate his preaching and Jain philosophy. 

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