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Udaipur 10 yr old Rape victim left in lurch; Congress Party’s empty promise of Rs. 50,000 vanishes in air
Udaipur 10 yr old Rape victim left in lurch; Congress Party’s empty promise of Rs. 50,000 vanishes in air
PHOTO : Udaipur Congress leaders consoling the 10 yr old victim on March 18. TIWN Pic

Udaipur, Matabari, April 1 (TIWN): Rape cases have become as stepping stones for the political class to garner cheap political support and upgrading reputation of their own parties. 13 days have gone, Tripura Pradesh Congress’s leading members broadcasted their sympathies on that 10 years girl while visiting her house, who was raped by her private tutor Mukolito Kushum Das(80 yrs) on March 16, evening.

Tripura Pradesh Congress members also promised her family members before the media that they will see the ‘end of the matter’, and will arrange the compensation money of 50,000/- on the girl’s name, whether in reality after that day there was no connection between Tripura Pradesh Congress and the victim’s family, which was their minimum responsibility to do. Question automatically arises, for what the political leaders actually cares: for the victims or the publicity of own parties!

13 days have already passes when Tripura Pradesh Congress’s leading members as Kalyani Roy, Bhramar Som,  Ratna Debnath, Shikha Gope, Tapan Pal; Agartala Puronigam Councillor  Panna Deb visited the victim’s house .They also asked the girl’s parents to manage all the documents of that girl so that they can appeal for the compensation money.

 TIWN correspondent on January 28 went to the victim’s house to see the development of the case and those ‘supports’ which were promised to fulfill by various political parties. Surprisingly it has been come out that there was not a single phone call from Tripura Pradesh Congress after that day.

When TIWN correspondent asked the girl’s mother why she did not contact the Tripura Pradesh Congress by herself, she said, “Actually I did not call them because I could not arrange her school-certificate, as there is no arrangement of the seal in the name of Head Master (HM) in her school, I went to her school many days, but yesterday again the HM told me to wait for more 5/6 days to make the seal.” Here another question comes out, why there is no urgency in the leading people’s mind to help the poor girl for having a better future?

By getting these kinds of attitudes from the society no victim can receive proper justice and political parties will continue to scold the opposite political parties just as Tripura Pradesh Congress’s members were making bitter comments taking the name of Chief Minister Manik Sarkar not to have any serious sympathy for rape-victims.

On that day Tripura Pradesh Congress announced, “We will see to the end of the matter.” But reality is the poor 10 yr old girl’s rape case was used by Congress women leaders for garnering political benefits only.

Rapist Mukolito Kushum Das  in police custody in Udaipur. TIWN Pic March 18

TIWN March 18 news :


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