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Bamutia police outpost detained two thieves
TIWN Oct 28, 2022
Bamutia police outpost detained two thieves
PHOTO : Bamutia police outpost detained two thieves. TIWN Pic Oct 28, 2022

AGARTALA, Oct 28 (TIWN): Reportedly, at around 1 o'clock on Friday night two thieves were caught by Kholabari locals under Bamutia police outpost. The locals after detaining the two thieves handed over to the police.

The incident has spread intense fear in the area among locals.

Talking to a local it is known that one of the thieves took mobile Phone saying that he will call someone then he escaped from the spot. After leading a search the thief was detained, along with him another one was there.

During inquiry by locals the thieves admitted their crimes, also they admitted they take intoxicated items. 

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