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2021 Custodial Murder : Supreme Court dismissed Tripura Govt’s SLP challenging High Court’s Verdict on Rs. 10 lakhs compensation to Victim Family
TIWN Oct 26, 2022
2021 Custodial Murder : Supreme Court dismissed Tripura Govt’s SLP challenging High Court’s Verdict on Rs. 10 lakhs compensation to Victim Family
PHOTO : Adv Purushottom Roy Barman, Custodial Death victim Jamal Hossain, Custodial Death victim's family. File Photo.

AGARTALA, Oct 26 (TIWN): In a major jolt for Tripura BJP Govt, Supreme Court of India has dismissed its SLP challenging Tripura High Court’s order of June, 2022 to compensate custodial murder victim Jamal Hossain’s family Rs. 10 Lakhs who was killed in Sonamura Police Station Lockup out of heavy custodial tortures. Tripura High Court’s renowned Advocate who is also Secretary of the Tripura Human Rights Organization Purushottom Roy Barman said, “Tripura Govt is now left with no other option except accepting the High Court’s order in the bow-down state. It can be said that Jamal’s family has received the justice though there is no action yet against the Police Officials who had tortured Jamal in the custody and murdered him brutally and claimed that Jamal died of heart-attack. Jamal Hossain’s family will fight now legally to punish the police officials who are behind Jamal’s murder”.

Going into details of the background, Adv Purushottom Roy Barman said that the incident took place on 14th September, 2021 night, when Sonamura police arrested Jamal Hossain illegally and then brutally tortured him whole night. On the next morning the young man Jamal Hossain family was informed about his death.

“Jamal’s family fought for his justice and on June 2022, the then Chief Justice Indrajit Mohanti and Justice S. Chattopadhyaya clearly stated that a State Govt can not refuse its liability to the victims of custodial deaths. Against the judgement of Tripura High Court, the State Govt moved to Supreme Court and on 19th Oct, 2022 Supreme Court dismissed the plea of the State Govt. So, basically the Govt now has to accept Tripura High Court’s order on Rs. 10 lakhs compensation to Jamal’s family”.

“I believe it is a significant justice received from the humanitarian. A citizen’s human rights was violated by Police which has been confirmed now, though Jamal’s family will fight legally to get justice and there will be cases against the police officials who illegally arrested Jamal at night hours and brutally tortured him in the Police Lockup. Later they (Police in 2021 June) attempted to give the incident a colour of heart attack. High Court had ruled out that angle and said Jamal’s death happened out of custodial torture”, added Purushottom Roy Barman.

“We will fight to punish the Police Officials who violated Jamal’s human rights. Since the beginning, we were with Jamal’s family and we will be with the family. Without Jamal his family is undergoing a severe crisis situation. To stand beside Jamal’s family is our moral duty”, added Barman.

“We are really happy about the Courts’ orders and reactions. Because, we have been observing that custodial deaths have spiked up nationally. Even in broad daylights there are attacks, and houses are bulldozed barbarically. We, who fight for human rights are hopeful after the judgement. Everyone should voice against such injustice”, said Purushottom Roy Barman to media.


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