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Poor Quality Drain Construction irks resentment
TIWN Aug 27, 2022
Poor Quality Drain Construction irks resentment
PHOTO : Poor quality drain construction at Brahmachara. TIWN Pic Aug 27, 2022

UDAIPUR, Aug 27 (TIWN): Locals of Brahmachara complained of corruption in the drain construction work.

Instead of sand, very low-quality bricks with red soil are being used in the drains. Moreover, it is alleged that drains are being constructed by reducing the use of cement.

The complaint although initially rejected to have any validity but was proven true after a few splashes of rain. The drain has already started to collapse, which has erupted heavy resentment among the public.

On the other hand, the local residents complained that, although instructions were issued verbally but no instruction was followed.


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