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‘A good housewife should be dedicated to her Husband and In-laws’: Biplab Deb
TIWN Dec 26, 2021
‘A good housewife should be dedicated to her Husband and In-laws’: Biplab Deb
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb addressing at Children's Fair. TIWN Pic Dec 26, 2021

AGARTALA, Dec 26 (TIWN): Medieval thoughts still dominate a men-dominated Indian political society that rules ‘not Father, but Father-in-Law’ will be prioritized by a woman. It’s proven when CM Biplab Deb while addressing in Children’s fair on Sunday said a positive woman always is dedicated to her in-laws, husband and if not she is holding a ‘negative’ mindset. Addressing the crowd, CM Biplab Deb said, "Can anyone tell me what PM Modi said today in Mann Ki Baat ? You must listen. Mann Ki Baat comes on Sunday which is a holiday. Today PM Modi said on behalf of you people only. He said he will talk to school students about their syllabus. Can you imagine how the Prime Minister of the nation is taking interest in students' studies".

"You must be a Jagroto-Janata and have to know about all the updates. The Prime Minister means the person who decides the fate of all 130 crore Indians. Today, it is the age of Social Media and people tend to go towards negativity. I suggest, don't go towards negativity because negativity is destructive…… Positive just like when housewives are dedicated to in-laws and husband, the family glows like Sun", said Deb. TIWN YouTube Video Dec 26, 2021 


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