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Police Brutality on Terminated 10323 Teachers : 1 Injured in Tussle with Police
TIWN July 30, 2021
Police Brutality on Terminated 10323 Teachers : 1 Injured in Tussle with Police
PHOTO : 5 Police officials forcefully arresting one agitator. TIWN Pic July 30, 2021

AGARTALA, July 30 (TIWN): Amid display of protest by terminated 10323 teachers, police have arrested the agitating teachers. The teachers are unable to protest even after High Court's permission as Tripura Govt has cited the rarest example of Corona-Curfew for 3 months long in the state which has stopped all democratic protests. Even though the 10323 teachers were protesting by maintaining social distance at Circuit house, suddenly a massive number of police came to the spot and arrested them. However, maximum police officials were hesitant to arrest the teachers who had broken down in tears but as Police were ordered to arrest the teachers, ultimately they had to arrest them. But in the tussle with police few of the teachers received minor injuries. Agitating 10323 teachers were arrested in Agartala Circuit House. TIWN Video July 30, 2021
Lashing out at the State Govt, teacher Bijoy Krishna Saha said, "Govt is unable to follow the rule. When we are obeying rules, how undemocratically police are arresting us. Our colleague Kamal Deb was injured.......Till now we have not received any termination letter. How can a Govt act so undemocratically ?" Police Arrested 10323 teachers amid their protest at Circuit House, Agartala. TIWN YouTube Video July 30, 2021

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