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I-PAC Illegal Detention: ‘Fascist’ JUMLA CM Biplab Deb’s face slapped by Tripura Court & National Media, no further shame left for Biplab’s BJP in Tripura
TIWN July 29, 2021
I-PAC Illegal Detention: ‘Fascist’ JUMLA CM Biplab Deb’s face slapped by Tripura Court & National Media, no further shame left for Biplab’s BJP in Tripura
PHOTO : CM Biplab Deb (Top, Left), I-PAC team members bail, house arrests scenarios. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, July 29 (TIWN): Amid ongoing tortures on common since 2018's massive poll victory of the BJP and no arrest of BJP hooligans by police even after having CCTV footage evidences, Biplab Deb attempted to treat other states' representatives also like Tripura's weak opposition parties and voiceless mob and now after faceloss in Agartala CJM Court, where I-PAC crew members were released, Biplab Deb broke down before media almost in cries. He also talked out of context to the media emotionally, "Leave matters like what happened to me and all these....... Whatever will happen, we need to move forward...". Such statements came amid a majority of the BJP MLAs demanding a replacement of Biplab Deb from CM post.

The crying face of Biplab Deb after I-PAC's Team's Detention Blunder and faceloss in Court has been trolled by netizens.  
After CJM court bailed out the Prashant Kishor's I-PAC team unconditionally BJP supporter Lawyers, then Law Minister Ratan Lal Nath sat immediately to prove that police did not arrest anyone whereas footage are evidently showing how the I-PAC members were kept arrested at Hotel Woodland. 
However, after a 5 days long drama at the Hotel Woodland Park Biplab Deb said, "Atithi Devo Bhava" !
Biplab Deb alone is considered as responsible for Tripura BJP's ruin which was echoed with slogans like "Biplab Hatao, BJP Bachao" back in December 2020 with national leader Vinod Sonkar's arrival in state.
From sacking Minister Sudip Barman from Cabinet in 2019 to beating up own party senior leaders like Prasenjit Chakraborty by using goons just because they argued with Govt and BJP party's wrongdoings ---- have been the examples of immature political decisions of Biplab Deb. 
The undemocratic condition created in the state under the BJP and massive attacks on media, arrests of journalists, netizens have triggered heavy anti-incumbency against the Govt, which has eased the way for Trinamool now. Biplab Deb's goons beaten up senior RSS leader Prasenjit Chakraborty on July 4, 2020
The I-PAC team's detention is also an example of Biplab Deb's immature political blunder which successfully opened the path for rival Trinamool to enter Tripura amid Biplab Deb had imposed Curfew to prevent various ongoing protests in the state.
Briefing about the whole incident, Congress State President, Adv Pijush Biswas at the CJM Court said, "FIRs were lodged against 23 members of the PK's team. Obeying the law, all of them have surrendered today before the Court. The Public Prosecutor told the court not to release them "unconditionally" but I opposed that on the ground that the nature of allegations is baseless. The Court has agreed to bail them out unconditionally. Judge has rejected Govt side appeal and accepted our petition".  "Disaster Management Act was added in the FIR filed against them. The FIR was lodged the day before yesterday but the team members were arrested before that, when there was no allegation. They have been detained, they have been tortured, they have been harassed..................", Biswas added. Lawyer Pijush Biswas also said, "Legal actions will be taken against the illegal steps taken by the Govt in this matter, because the team members had Covid negative reports with them. After having Covid negative reports, how can such an illegal detention be held?" 
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